What In1 Solutions Does…

  • Dynamic Rates

Rates than can adapt to any required format including but not limited to Advance Purchase, Last Minute, All Inclusive, Percentage Discount, 3 Nights Pay for 2 and many more

  • Corporate / Wedding / Private Rates

Rates can be set up privately for groups, wedding couples or private companies. Ability to limit availability by threshold for certain rates or block off availability and make it exclusive for other rates. Automated email sent when threshold reached

  • Promotion Codes

Codes that can link to Normal rates, offers, corporate rates, ideal for print media or TV spots or for general use on your website

  • Rate Categories

The ability to categorise rates and provide a single link or promotion code that gives access to all rates or offers in that category

  • Confirmation Emails

Customisable confirmation emails that can be setup to suit your specific needs and requirements

  • Pre/Post Arrival Emails

Automated emails that can be sent to guests a set number of days before they are due to arrive and after they depart

  • Additional Services

Services that are offered to guests to Up sell their booking, flowers, chocolates, late check out, parking. Huge ability to adept based on date ranges, room types, rate types and much more

  • Stop Sell

Options to manage your rates availability in a huge variety of ways to ensure that your online representation is always as efficient as possible

  • Close to Arrival

The ability to limit rates and availability based on day of arrival

  • Basket Abandonment

We offer the option of offering incentives or even simple messages to guests who abandon the booking process before completion. This helps keep the booker engaged and hugely increases look to book conversion rates

  • Event Calendar

Interactive calendar that can be setup on your website to accurately represent wedding date availability or event availability of any kind

  • Reports

We offer a huge variety of reports including booking lists by arrival date, booking date, Compare Year reports, Marketing reports and more

  • Automated Reports

Total control over reports that will be sent to you automatically at set intervals and with set information all of which can be chosen by you

  • Charge No Show

The ability to charge a no show fee on any booking that uses our booking engine to make a reservation

  • Multi Currency

The ability to represent a wide list of currencies and do conversions on request

  • Multi Language

Our engine supports a wide variety of languages and gives the user the ability to switch between them at will


Property Management Integrations

We integrate our booking engine straight into your property management system for no hassle transfer of booking details in real time

Channel Management

We offer complete channel management services for all your third party channels such as booking.com, Expedia, Last Minute, etc. Booking details from these channels will transfer straight into our system

One Integrated Solution

When Property Management Integration and Channel Management are combined you are left with a system where bookings made on any channel including your own website will go straight into your PMS with no interaction needed by reservation staff

Brand Advocacy

Implementation on website, access to console for review

Website Design and Build

Design, Build, PPC, SEO, Hosting, Responsive, Mobile


Design of new templates, the ability to manage and have access to subscriber lists and send ezines at will from pre-loaded templates that can be designed in advance

Full Payment Integration

We give you the ability to integrate a payment solution directly into your bank account so that any funds taken by our booking engine get sent directly into your account with no delay

Voucher Engine

Comprehensive voucher booking system giving the guest the ability to purchase cash or package type vouchers. Same ability to sort and categorise as the booking engine

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