Review of Client Performance

In1 Solutions focus on continuous improvement in our technology and we ensure that our booking engines deliver one of the highest look-to-book ratios in the marketplace. Recent enhancements have made it easier for clients to manage both rates and offers with our Dynamic Engine offering. The hotel case study below demonstrates the significant growth in both revenue and bookings delivered in the last quarter since the client moved to our Dynamic Rates Offering:

Dynamic Rates – Case Study A

Revenue growth of 31.83% for last Quarter

A luxury country hotel has seen significant increases in both revenue and bookings for their property over the last quarter (November to January) since moving to our Dynamic Engine. The hotel fully embraced the dynamic engine; using it as a means to manage all rates and offers more effectively – all special offers, discounts and promotions are driven off their standard rates. 

The hotel had always enjoyed high levels of special offer bookings, with longer than average stay rates and average booking values. In1 wanted to ensure that they maintained the same high levels of leisure bookings, combined with the greater ease of management for reservation staff. The Dynamic Engine facilitates the promotion of all rate and offer types. It also allows the guest to refine or determine their search results based on a number of criteria, such as price, suggested offers, categories, number of nights etc.

  • GREATER EASE OF MANAGEMENT of all rates and offers for the hotel
  • MORE CONTROL FOR THE CUSTOMER in deciding which offers and rates best meet their particular requirements
  • ATTRACTIVE DISPLAY OF CONTENT in a user-friendly and informative manner – clearly informs the customer of the number of nights an offer runs for, the days of the week available and the booking period. It also clearly demonstrates which rooms can include children, and the different child and adult option for each room, and the price for each combination. All useful information AVAILABLE AT A GLANCE

This hotel already received high levels of direct bookings, so the growth achieved over the last quarter is on top of a strong performance base, with bookings up by 29.95% and revenue by 31.83% compared to same period the previous year (November to January). The growth was largely due to  the ability for the hotel to effectively manage rates and offers, and an intuitive and attractive booking engine for the customer. 

 Dynamic Booking Engine Solutions with a high Look-to-Book Ratio