In1 Solutions provides a way to grow your direct bookings and global reach with the help of your guests.

Something special happens when travellers discover your hotel through real experiences shared by friends & family. Reach, inspire and convert and entirely new global audience every day with our brand and photo advocacy tools

Build an ever-growing team of advocates who have a massive impact on your hotel’s reach and bottom line when you let your guests share their stories to the world

Pre-Stay Advocacy

Post-Stay Advocacy

Site Superchargers

Photo Advocacy

Pre-Stay Advocacy

prestayAdEvery booking is the beginning of a new story about your hotel…..

Right after confirming their reservation, guests are excited to share their upcoming trip with friends & family.

Encourage them to do just that, with a mention of your hotel and an added bonus for their trip.

Your guest then shares a message with friends & family which highlights your hotel and makes them a budding advocate with a trusted introduction for your hotel to their friends and family.

Each friend, relative & colleague is directed to your hotel’s site with a distinct, unique experience that’s designed to convert them from curious on-looker to a future guest.



Social Media Engagement – Most hotel websites are not designed to interact with the type of visitor that social sharing produces.

Introduce an experience proven to convert social traffic to real bookings. All of which provides strong connections with your hotel brand, delivering measurable results. Track the entire conversion funnel, right down to how many travellers in your new global audience convert into booked room nights.

Read more about the type of results this platform can deliver for your hotel here.


Post-Stay Advocacy

A better experience for guests, a big impact for your hotel

A re-imagined post-stay interaction that builds the strongest brand connections possible, change the conversation you have with your guests when they’ve packed and gone home.


Let your guests tell their story, reward them along the way and turn their memorable moments into amazing brand connections around the world.


Photo Advocacy

photoAdCaptivating, authentic introductions to your hotel

Let your guests share their fondest memories, and tap into the creativity and unique perspectives that only your guests can provide.

There’s a warm connection every time family and friends share experiences – especially through photos. Engage your guests with beautiful, perpetual photo contests and turn memorable moments into amazing brand connections around the world.








photoCompFinalists share their photos with family and friends to rally votes and move up the ranks, drumming up a lot of activity and new traffic to your hotel’s website.

Each new vote unlocks an incentive that family and friends can redeem for a future stay. Just like that, a single guest can help you make the warmest introduction imaginable to hundreds of potential future guests.






At the end of each contest, finalists that you rank highest receive the top prizes. But everyone’s a winner.
Guests who shared their stories along with friends & family who took part in the contest can receive a certificate towards a future stay. Plus, when warm introductions lead to new guests, your hotel is the big winner.