Reach, inspire, and convert a global audience with brand and photo advocacy tools


In1’s Brand Advocacy tool is seamlessly integrated into the online booking process. It brings customer and hotel brand together by dispensing with flashy, expensive online marketing campaigns, and harnessing the power of your guest instead.

Something special happens when travellers discover your hotel or destination through real experiences shared by friends and family.

Reach, inspire, and convert an entirely new global audience with our brand and photo advocacy tools!

By adding our social media functionality to your booking process, approximately 15% of your hotel guests will become trusted brand advocates. For countless hoteliers already using our product, Return on Engagement (ROE) has increased by 15% – 25%. Meanwhile, Return on Investment (ROI) has increased tenfold. As the impact of social media expands, so do your profits.


Every booking marks the beginning of a new story.

Right after confirming their reservation, guests are excited to share their upcoming trip with friends and family. Encourage them to do just that! Guests are provided with an incentive that entices them to endorse your hotel on social media – for example, ‘Get 15% off your stay!’

Your guest shares the message with friends and family, converting them into a trusted advocate amongst peers. Each of their social connections is then directed to your hotel’s website. Further individualised incentives and attractive marketing solutions transform these additional visitors from curious onlookers into future guests!


Guest Reservations

The moment a guest makes a reservation via your hotel’s online booking engine, they are invited to share the news on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, in return for a discount. This promotes your brand in a reliable manner to their friends and family. Whose opinions do we value more than those of our loved ones?

Social Media Posts

The Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn post includes a unique link. Irresistible offerings such as “Get a 15% Discount on your Stay!” are guaranteed to be eye-catching. These entice your guest’s social connections to click the link and book direct with you too! Sit back, relax, and watching the bookings roll in.

Social Connections

When your guest’s social connections click on the link, they are taken directly to your hotel’s website. There, a personalised message awaits, announcing your guest’s (their friend’s) upcoming stay. This is paired with a soft call to action (for example, “Sign up for your own special offer – Good for the next six months!”). One guest invites another who invites another who invites another…

Advocacy is indispensable. What happens when you pair it with Pay Per Click?

That’s how your brand becomes a powerhouse. Let’s talk PPC.


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