• Amanda Perini, Manager, West Coast Holidays

    It is a pleasure finally finding a company that understands our needs and reacts instantly to our requests (which can be very last minute!).

    Since In1 Solutions has taken over our Pay Per Click campaign our visibility on the internet has increased and in turn bookings via our website are slowly, but surely coming in and I know in time that they will get back to what they once were.

    In my experience doing a PPC campaign was frustrating having to go backwards and forwards to get the initial design and wording correct however In1 Solutions has changed my mind set as all it takes is one email from me, with no images, just advising what special rates we are offering and within the day I get a response complete with the perfect set of images and text for the campaign.

    Thank you for making my life so much easier and for taking away the stress!!

    Monday, May 26, 2014