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For the Hospitality Industry

Our Email Media Offering allows you to add targeted, centrally-controlled  signatures and marketing messages to general emails that are sent each day by all employees in your hotel. Email media represents a huge opportunity to deliver targeted, relevant marketing messages to help increase conversion of direct business, support up-selling and increase your market share. It allows you to deliver marketing messaging at a time when it can really make a difference, plus it helps you grow  your existing marketing database.

Email media comes with its own analytics, Email Media Analyticswhich allows you to optimise the results you achieve and get valuable customer insights that will improve your marketing and CRM.

Some of the Benefits of implementing an effective email media strategy include:

Include consistent signatures and branding on every email send from your chain or property with the flexibility to implement any style of visual that is appropriate for your hotel, including promotional banners and branded signatures. You have the ability to have more than one message in a given period, e.g. promote an Easter offer, a wedding fair, and an advance purchase offer in the same month, perhaps to different audiences. Each time an email is sent a different promotion can be applied. Implement smart rules for targeted, segmented messaging, e.g. your reservations team can have a room up-sell message, while your events team will have a meeting campaign.

With our email media tool you can fully harness the potential of each and every email you and your colleagues send out, with targeted campaigns depending on the time of year, the department or contact within the hotel from which it is being sent, or the nature of the enquiry. It also allows you to standardise the brand image across all email signatures and promotional messages coming from a hotel, whilst also supporting the drive to increase visitors to your site and increase the conversion rate for various products and services.

This is a huge opportunity to deliver targeted relevant messaging. You may be surprised at the potential marketing reach that you gain from leveraging this channel. The average employee sends 1,000 emails every month, so a hotel with ten employees sending branded emails, equates to at least an additional 100,000 inbound links for your website every year. This represents a measurable marketing tool to help you deliver more room, wedding, events and restaurant bookings and all with effective monitoring of the ROI from your marketing spend. 

Email media – supporting the buying cycle:

Email media will become an integral part of your CRM and is effective at all stages of the customer buying cycle.

Supporting the Buying CycleOutlined below are just some of the ways in which an effective email media strategy can enhance conversion rates, whether it is for rooms, meetings and events, food and beverage or one off promotions. Across various departments in a hotel, email media can also help teams to achieve their own targets. Each campaign can be custom designed to meet specific targets and monitored to allow for daily adaptations to the message to support custom interaction.

A clearly defined email media strategy, with consistency of design and message and utilising the insights and controls available, will enable a hotel to optimise all its communications to deliver on specific goals.

Examples of Email Marketing Campaigns

Below are some examples of email marketing banners and the variety of uses they can be used for.



Consistency of Brand:

Consistency of Brand

Incentive to Click:

Incentive to Click

Customer Feedback:

Customer Feedback

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