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01. Viewing Invoices and/or Statements

In1/TBM accounting services are wholly managed online.

Access to all Invoices and Statements is available through the Internet Management Console (IMC).

The IMC is accessible based on secure username and password at

User and Management access is setup and supplied at time of go live of the systems for your property. If you do not have access, please contact with the details of your property and we will work with you to ensure access.

02. Emailed Invoices and Statements

In1 Accounts section emails invoices and statements as a matter of courtesy and become out of date. The definitive status of the account is available in the IMC and is wholly up to date. You should refer to the IMC and ensure you always have access to manage the status of your account.

03. Payment of outstanding accounts

The majority of In1 customers operate a Direct Debit (DD) of some nature depending on the location of the property. This is the ideal solution as it minimises the overhead for In1 Accounts, improves efficiency and saves costs. This efficiency permits us to deliver our services at highly attractive rates. The customer has excellent protection based on the standards applying to DDs internationally in terms of their ability to and have any invalid or incorrect debits reversed.

Where a DD proves difficult to implement the Customer is subject to standard payment terms of no more than 30 days. The customer should check the current statement to establish the exact amount outstanding and remit as per the instructions. In1 accepts the following currencies in payment: EUR, USD, GBP, ZAR and NZD by default. Other currencies can be arranged.

04. Payment by Credit / Debit Card

In1 will accept payment by Credit / Debit Card using a variation on the In1 Voucher Engine. Namely the Customer can purchase an In1 Denominated Payment Voucher to the value of the outstanding account. Contact for further direction.

Note the ability to pay via Credit / Debit Card will be enhanced in 2022 and the In1 Statement, available in the IMC, will include a direct link to the In1 Payment Voucher Engine that the user may click to go directly to this payment method, enter their Credit / Debit Card details and instantly discharge their account.

05. In1 Solutions & TBM (The Brand Mix)

In1 Solutions is the parent company of TBM. In1 is based in Dublin, Ireland. In1 is responsible for all contractual obligations and the delivery of all technical solutions, booking and voucher engine technology and supporting services to the customer base.

TBM is the marketing arm of In1 and is responsible for the promotion, marketing, and sale of all In1 products and services. During 2021 and into 2022 all customer contractual relationships are being centralised to In1 in Ireland from all In1 offices globally, including TBM locations.

This simplification includes all contractual obligations, billing, payment and accounting.


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