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Booking Engine

01. Why is my credit / debit card transaction unsuccessful at the booking checkout?

Some of the most common reasons for failed transaction include:

1. Incorrect details entered.
2. Expired or maxed out card
3. Card reported stolen
4. Card cancelled
5. Card put on hold due to geographic location
6. Card type or issuing bank not supported by vendor payment gateway
7. Vendor payment gateway requires 3D secure to be setup on card type. This is specific to “3D secure not enabled” error

Our software is designed to link to each vendor’s unique payment gateway, which is managed independently from our own systems.

If you continue to have issues with your transaction, we advise contacting the vendor directly.

02. Is it better to book a room via the hotel website or via an Online Travel Agent (e.g.,
It’s always better to book direct on the hotel website. Hotels will advertise the best available rate on their own website and oftentimes, there will be greater variety when it comes to room selection.

You can also ring the property and book a room over the phone!

03. How do I amend/cancel/change an existing room booking?

Please get in touch with the hotel directly. The property’s contact information will be readily available on their website.

04. How do I book a room at my preferred property?

It’s usually best to book direct, rather than via OTAs, such as Booking or Expedia. Particularly with properties using our booking engine as we guarantee the best rate available online.  

Hotels outsourcing booking engine technology will usually advertise their provider in the footer of their website. Please visit the property’s own website to book your stay. 


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