Booking rooms online has never been easier


Our hotel online booking engine technology delivers high look-to-book ratios and guaranteed growth in direct bookings.

It’s easy-to-use, cleverly designed, and fully adaptable to your hotel’s unique branding. The conversion focused platform is dynamic, fully responsive, tastefully stylised, and rich in functionality.

Monitor all rates from a master rate, facilitating more effective management online. Seamlessly integrate the booking engine into your hotel website and watch as the Smart Calendar functionality drives higher conversions.

There is no need to worry about synchronising website and booking engine. It happens automatically!
Expired content is easily eliminated and offers are displayed based on availability.

What more could you want? We cover all the bases.


Our technology is fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry’s Digital Security Standards (PCI DSS).
We build and operate with security and ease of processing in mind.
We offer a range of secure payment gateway integrations.
These include Payment Express, Elavon, Realex, Paygate, Sage Pay, 3C, Paypal, and Stripe.


Fully Responsive

Our booking engine is optimised across all browsers and devices and equipped with speedy load times. We won’t let potential guests slip away!

Dynamic Engine

Adapt the booking engine, not only to your brand, but to your needs! Want to advertise seasonal, special, or 24-hour sales? No problem! We put the power in your hands

Customer-Focused and User-Friendly

Customers click away from counter-intuitive software. As a result, our booking engine is easy-to-use, no nonsense, and designed with the customer in mind

Reports and Google Analytics Integrations

We offer monthly, automated, customised reports to indicate where you’re hitting every target and where there’s room for improvement. We’re here to offer advice and support. Every step of the way

Rich Functionality

Offer promo codes, packages, discounts, hidden offers. Whatever’s new, exciting, and magnetic to customers! Our booking engine is simply bursting with potential and functionality

Group Booking Engine

Why not include the option to search easily across multiple properties? From multi-room bookings to browsing according to rates or room, our booking engine works wonders for hospitality chains

Smart Calendar Functionality

Don’t be behind the door about when you’re all booked up and when you have availability. Offer your guests flexibility to drive higher conversion rates for the property

Suite of Technology Integrations

Channel, GDS, PMS. You name it, we’ve got it. Our technological integrations allow you and your team to control all online distribution from one console

Multiple rate types for a room

Our technology allows you to set up dynamic rates. These include traditional special offer such as meals, spa treatments, events, tickets, tours etc. These are then added to your best available rates and presented as special offers to your clients.

Dynamic Elements

Reduce the overheads of managing multiple offers through Hotel Online Reservations Systems. Instead, offer a consistent stream of special offers, accessible through search engines. Set dynamic prices for adults versus children, weekdays versus weekends, quieter periods versus busy periods.

Dynamic Sale Rates

Alternatively, set up a dynamic sale rate with special discounts throughout a specified date range. For example, “Book over the next three days and receive a 10% discount!” In1 automatically calculates the rates based on your best available rates and offers this discount to your clients.

Intuitive Search functionality

Refine your search criteria for both room rates and offers within a single engine. At In1, we work to make the booking process as straightforward as possible. Allow your guest to narrow their search based on price, date, popularity, number of nights, offer category, and currency exchange. Our search engine caters to multiple languages.


Let your Guests Tell Their Story with Brand & Photo Advocacy

In1 Solutions Brand Advocacy tool harnesses the power of social media to generate brand awareness and higher direct bookings via your hotel’s own website. The Brand Advocacy tool is seamlessly integrated into In1’s online booking process. It boosts hotel brand awareness and attracts new guests. Let your guests spread the word on their personal social media pages, igniting the intrigue of their friends.


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