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Trends to look out for in 2020

Friday, 11th of October 2019

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ― Benjamin Franklin. The rate of change in both technology available, market performance and consumer expectations demand that we change and adapt at an equal pace – just to keep up! But who wants to just keep up – check out some of the digital marketing trends to watch out for in 2020 to allow you to plan for success…

Some of the items mentioned below have been identified as emerging trends for a number of years now – AI, Video, Voice Search, Immersive tech…many covered in previous posts such as Looking Back to the Future or Visualise the Visual. However, it is the rate at which they have been adapted, by businesses and consumers alike that ensures they remain at the top of digital trends lists. Others are oldies but goodies…content, personalisation, SEO – some fundamentals that should always be reviewed and enhanced by applying new technologies to their application.

AI driving change in Digital Marketing…the use of AI in processing and evaluating data, providing actionable insights for more targeted marketing and for communication with consumers through chatbots and voice assistance are just some of the ways AI is becoming integral to marketing strategies. AI is already incorporated into a lot of the software that is widely used today, by understanding its capabilities and relevance to your product offering and either acquiring the technical skills or finding the right partner will enable you to fully realise its potential.

Personalisation…just like the eponymous Saville Row suit, the right tailoring adds the finishing touch to your marketing campaigns. People respond best to tailored ads or content, they react more quickly, are happier to engage with your brand and more likely to make a purchase. Hoteliers have long understood the importance of the personal touch, ensuring guests feel at home in their property, that personal touch now needs to apply across all points of engagement and digitally that means personalised websites, hyper-relevant ads, personalised upsells – using your digital tool kit to provide the relevant data to support tailored marketing and the personal touch online.

Video Marketing…Ever since Buggles sang Video killed the radio star back in 1979, the power of video to communicate has been widely discussed. However, now it is no longer just there to entertain, but has become a key source of information and point of engagement with products and brands. Video marketing has gone beyond the remit of YouTube, with live broadcasts and video posts the norm on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Not only does having video content on your site boost rankings, but with in excess of 70% of search taking place on mobile devices, concise and informative videos communicate more effectively than brochure PDF’s or pages of text. Video marketing has so much going for it that it probably warrants a dedicated post on the latest video trends, but in the meantime consider live videos, targeted 1:1 videos for B2B, Video SEO, native Facebook videos…

Next-Gen Search…SEO has probably been on every digital trends list posted and although many have predicted its demise over the years it continues to be relevant today. However, as with all things digital it constantly adapts and changes, so that each year your SEO strategies should be reviewed and updated to keep pace. Voice-powered search, local SEO, video SEO, visual search…using tools such as CamFind, GoogleLens or Bing Visual Search – consumers are able to directly search through images rather than typing queries into a search engine. Most consumers now value targeted, personalised content and video search capabilities above more traditional means of searching for information or engaging with a brand and being aware of these trends and availing of tech solutions to support your marketing campaigns will ensure the right message, goes in the right format to your target markets.

Shop Social…there has been a rise in consumers purchasing on social. Platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest have long been aware that people have used them to find out information about products and so made it easier for people to purchase on a post. Social commerce has been growing over the last few years and should become more prevalent as an e-commerce channel in 2020. Social media stories can still drive awareness of and engagement with your brand in a targeted and cost effective manner.

One of the frustrating, but at the same time exciting aspects of digital marketing is that it is ever-changing, dynamic, future-focused. It constantly evolves and to succeed that means you have to evolve with it. AI automation, new technologies and digital software solutions provide the necessary tools for you to thrive and ensure your brand benefits from the growth opportunities provided by digital technology advancement.

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