• Content Marketing – Growth in Relevance

    Content marketing has increased dramatically in relevance recently and has become more widely used. With more and more websites having rich content sites, it makes it more difficult to differentiate from the crowd.

    This means that all downloadable content and clickable pieces will have to be checked for relevance and authenticity, nurturing leads and supporting and promoting sharing across wider communities. Ensuring that you reward sharing and that you utilise all available markets with cross-promoting of content.

    For hotel websites this means that content should always be relevant, fresh, authentic and engaging. That the content on your site should naturally encourage people to link to it and support sharing across the wide spectrum of social mediums. Try to encourage engagement and layers within the content so that a visitor is encouraged to delve deeper. Rather than the out-dated purchasing of links to enhance your SERP’s, there will be more emphasis on content sharing between different brands, products and publishers.However, the important factor will be not to treat your content as a commodity, with each property reflecting the common denominator of “2 B&B 1D” within their general content, but to ensure that your content stands out and differentiates your brand.

    Monday, April 30, 2012