• Google Announce New AdWords Features

    Lorna McNamara, Marketing Director

    Google recently announced a series of AdWords updates that will be applied to campaigns over the next few months. These include enhanced reporting, new application ads and tools to better manage scale and efficiency. Overall the aim is to ensure that Adwords works better across all devices and platforms. The new App ads will aim to increase the number of app installations for clients with greater customer targeting based on key data, such as past purchases and frequency of use. They will also enable users to link to specific pages within an app to increase interaction.

    To improve the quality of analytical data available to clients, Google launched their estimated total conversions last year, which provides data on conversions across all devices and soon they will release additional enhancements to reporting such as:

    -Expanded data for in-store transactions
    -Enhanced Reporting Tools – multi-dimensional analysis
    -Drag & drop functionality for report customisation
    -The ability to format data in spreadsheets extracted from AdWords

    Other enhancements will include the ability to manage bulk actions in Adwords and improvements to automated bidding and conversion optimisers. In general, the enhancements to Adwords look to increase the level of mobile advertising and its effectiveness, as the general growth in mobile usage continues to grow. However, the enterprise tools will allow for more effective management of bulk actions within the AdWords console and will carry out other activities more effectively, such as testing new campaigns and draft campaigns.

    Friday, April 25, 2014