• Some tips on what is currently working for Big Brands on Google

    Lorna McNamara, Marketing Director

    A recent KISSmetrics article highlighted some of the main elements that the top ranked sites on Google all have in common. Outlined below is how some of the key elements could improve rankings on Google for individual hotels and hotel groups.

    1. It’s good to be social, but where is the best place to be seen? Although activity on all the main social channels, such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are tracked and can influence the social aspect of ranking, it seems that Google’s own, Google+, best supports ranking. So it is important to ensure that you have a well set-up Google+ page and aim to update it regularly.

    2. Why correctly structured source code still matters. It may seem old school, but Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, Image Alt Tags, Headers and well structured linking strategies are the main components that the search engines read when evaluating your site. So it’s  important to ensure that these main elements are not overlooked in favour of social elements and design.

    3. Quality Content is King. There seems to be a move away from a focus on keywords and more emphasis on relevant and interesting content. Text on websites should be written to be read, perhaps enjoyed and hopefully shared by visitors to your site. Over the past few years, the emphasis for many sites was imagery – pretty pictures doing the main job of selling, and in some cases dominating the home page of the site with little or no allocation provided for content, or about the site and what it offers. Combined with this there was a tendency to write copy with the sole purpose of ensuring it contained the maximum numbers of keywords. As a result, content didn’t read well, and often failed to provide the necessary information. Going forward, some of the main elements which will determine how hard your site content works for you will be relevancy, quality and size (more is better) of the content. These combined with good quality links, imagery and videos and an easy ability to share are all essential.

    4. Site performance. Another key element which can determine how your site performs on the search engines is overall site speed. Ensuring that you have a good hosting package, such as cloud hosting, to ensure fast response times and of course security, will enhance your rankings.

    Monday, August 26, 2013