• What impact is the emphasis on Encrypted Search having on SEO

    Lorna McNamara, Marketing Director

    In January Google up-dated their algorithms for SEO and in addition to the recent up-dates another element which has got search marketers talking is the emphasis placed on encrypted search and how that affects SEO. Part of the reason for Google changing the focus could be due to the growing emphasis they have placed on local or personalised search (Search Plus Your World – SPYW) and by taking users that are signed in to Google to a secure page they can protect their personalised search history.

    From a basic level for hoteliers and marketers it means that when evaluating organic search history in Google Analytics, you will not be able to see the entrance keyword that brought that user to the site and will instead see – “not provided”. So it will be harder to determine which campaign worked in organic terms and will instead have to to use paid search to test the effectiveness of specific keywords and campaigns with regards to conversions.

    Also as mentioned in a number of previous content marketing blogs, the importance of content marketing on SEO is starting to have a greater impact meaning for many that this has become another cost area and makes it easier for larger brands with bigger budgets to dominate.

    Between recent search algorithm up-dates, growing emphasis on content marketing and the increased use of encrypted search – Google is making it more costly and time consuming to manage your websites and with other developments, such as Hotel Finder, there is even less space on the page for organic search results with more space being given to paid advertising of one form or another. With Google the future is to some extent uncertain for basic search marketing, but one thing is certain it will definitely get more costly!

    Monday, February 18, 2013