• To Be or not to Be Responsive?

    Lorna McNamara, Marketing Director

    The latest buzz in Website design has been Responsive sites and how they will enable companies to ensure that their sites display optimally regardless of the device or browser being used, without the hassle and cost of maintaining and up-dating different websites for different devices. In1 Solutions are already providing Responsive Websites for a number of clients.

    With the dramatic growth in the use of tablet and mobile devices, a solution needed to be found that ensured that websites were being effectively managed and marketed for all devices. In essence it is the automatic resizing and re-arranging of the layout of the site to ensure that the page is readable on all sizes and shapes of devices using a form of CSS.

    Because the website needs to be in essence “elastic” there can be limitations on the content and the size and placing of particular elements so that they can adapt to a mobile view from a 1024 x 768 typical desktop layout. Key elements, for example a Search Box, should be placed in particular locations and should not be too large to ensure that they appear in a prominent position and fully readable on the smallest mobile version. There can also be some limitations on various promotional plugins, however, this technology is being up-dated and adapted at a rapid rate and the pros outweigh the cons as an solutions for website design in a multi-device environment.

    Friday, April 19, 2013