• Google Adwords Enhanced Campaigns

    Lorna McNamara, Marketing Director

    Recently Google announced changes to their Adwords product with Enhanced Campaigns, which allow marketeers to target campaigns by multi-device and context. The more cynically minded may query if this enhancement is in order to drive more spend in PPC budgets towards mobile devices, as you can no longer separate out your mobile PPC strategy. However, in essence the main additions include:

     1. The ability to refine campaigns according to device, location, time of day  – you will be able to target bids according to a greater number of parameters, providing greater control and more targeted campaigns. However, there are also downsides to these changes, for example you can no longer target specific devices or exclude mobile for the main campaign by running it as many did in a separate campaign. So for certain product offering which excluded mobile as the conversion rates were too low on these devices, they will now automatically included in the campaign and without careful management may have an overall negative impact on the campaign performance.

    2. Improved ads – such a sitelinks, differing ad text or extensions – i.e. appropriate extensions depending on the devices such as Call for mobile and website page link for desktop.

    3. Improved measurement of campaigns – ability to classify different interactions as conversions and also device, keyword and location based information in Analytics.

    The Enhanced Campaigns are being rolled out in a phased manner, however, PPC managers will need to ensure that they are up-to -date on the new additions to ensure effective campaigns going forward.Only time will tell how these changes impact on campaigns, but with mobile internet use growing dramatically, while PPC advertising as of yet not working as well on these devices, it will ultimately depend on whether the end-user sees a use for the ads and uses them for their mobile purchasing!

    Thursday, February 7, 2013