• Working with Google Adwords Enhanced Campaigns

    Emma Ratcliffe, PPC Client Manager

    As of July 22nd 2013, Google have been working to upgrade all current Google Adwords campaigns to the new Enhanced Campaigns platform. In preparation for the change, existing Adwords users were given the option to upgrade to Enhanced Campaigns some weeks before the launch date, to familiarise themselves with the new functionality – and over the coming weeks, everyone with an Adwords account will be working with the latest campaign adjustments.

    The mandatory change will provide advertisers with a number of new ‘enhanced’ features as the name suggests, but advertisers should be wary of Google’s latest offering which is really about enhancing Google’s falling mobile PPC (Pay Per Click) revenue in recent months. All advertisements are now promoted by default across all channels; which means that multiple campaigns need to be set up for each device type to allow more control on your desired spend for mobile. This means that more time and more money can be spent on managing campaigns and without any real “enhancement” to the overall campaign. There are some positives, such as more precise targeting across campaigns, in particular demographic and also improved tracking. However, now more than ever Adword campaigns need to be effectively managed to ensure that they are working to defend your brand effectively online and grow online revenue.

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    Thursday, August 15, 2013