Staycations… are they here to stay?

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12 January 2021

Staycations… are they here to stay?

2020 was a year like no other and unfortunately, 2021 has started with a severe sense of deja-vu, restrictions, lockdowns, masks…with vaccines offering some light at the end of the tunnel. Many look to return to normal or at least a new normal later this year or early 2022, but as outlined in our article on changing travel trends back in November 2020, perhaps some changes will be here to stay.

We highlighted how, safety, sustainability, spontaneity…an increased interest in outdoor activities, escapism and exploring their local market, mean staycations could see continued growth in the coming years. Some properties long established in the domestic leisure market had something of a head start, but with a large and diverse market looking to be inspired there are plenty of opportunities for all property types and locations. Some things to consider:

Be Creative… although more people than ever are planning on staycations, more properties are focusing on the domestic market for what could be a late-starting 2021 holiday season. So be creative in your offering, your imagery, videos, calls-to-action…do whatever you can to capture their attention and drive conversions.

Go # crazy… don’t forget to be social! Promote your offering across all social platforms with creative posts and social advertising campaigns. Keep it real…remember the human touch…and inspire with great imagery and videos of your property, your product offering and your local area.

Spend on advertising if you can… if not focus on organic search to drive engagement. If you can, increase your ad spend to drive awareness in a competitive market but regardless enhance your content for key terms that will drive engagement through organic search. Seasonal landing pages, local activity and area rich content, details on product offerings, things to do on-site etc…provide them with more than enough information to capture their attention and reassure them that a staycation in your property will exceed expectations.

Keep reassuring… with most in lockdown 3.0 and the pandemic still raging we can look to a brighter future, but it is still important to reassure guests about your health and safety precautions, the extra steps you are taking to ensure a safe-stay for their staycation later this year.

The personal touch… being flexible in your offering, providing a human touch to your online offering, let guests know who you and your team are…that extra touch that can make your offering stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Give a little extra… remember to reward loyalty…long-standing repeat customers or those who perhaps tried a staycation for the first time in a long while last year…add a little extra to your offering to let them know how valued their business is. Also, be creative in your standard offerings…adding something uniquely local to the offering or something quirky that get’s them talking and social sharing…

Continue to promote Gift Vouchers… a flexible way to plan ahead. Vouchers provide a secure and flexible option to treat friends and family… or even yourself once in a while! Rest easy knowing a voucher can be redeemed once restrictions have been lifted. And at a time that suits.

Expand your horizons… look beyond your property and build in all that your local area has to offer, with people staying for longer on their domestic holidays, highlight the many things to do and see in your area and not just the well-known landmarks…provide some local knowledge, hidden gems and little known treasures.

When times are hard, we all need something to look forward to…make a staycation in your property the perfect getaway when restrictions are lifted and we can explore once more.

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