New Releases

New IMC and OBE / VOBE releases during 2018

October 2018

1. 3C payment gateway integration (for VILVUK)


April 2018

1. Image ordering / drag and drop for OBE v2

February 2018

1. Opt in stage 3 OBE v2

January 2018

1. On error void Realex transaction   3.1.18

2. New Property Profile page in Hotel’s IMC  4.1.18

3. Double email check (VOBE config) for voucher engine

4. Starred Rates – promote a rate to top of display 26.1.18

New IMC and OBE / VOBE releases during 2017

November 2017

1. Closed to Departure functionality – under Stopsell

2. OBE Room X Rate – OBE v2

September 2017

1. Added multilingual functionality to new VOBE

2. Added opt in / out functionality to new VOBE

3. Allowed for selecting a voucher in new VOBE and getting that voucher template assigned to the Preview Voucher button


August 2017

1. Cost of acquisition module added to scheduled reports – see ASG

2. LOS added to scheduled reports

3. Basket Abandonment – ability to replace default image/text with entire image – size 600 x 500 ratio.

4. New VOBE – Promo code handling on stage 3.

5. New VOBE – Allow cash or package type voucher to be either post or electronic – due mid August

6. New VOBE – Allow cash denominations for Package Type vouchers.

7. OBE config to allow calendar on OBE search results to be expanded or not.

July 2017

1. IMC homepage revamp, enhanced security and captcha facility.

2. Enhancements to Basket Abandonment – dynamic text. OBE config.

3. Enhancements to cancellation page

4. Continued enhancements to reports e.g. cost of acquisition

5. Added direct category link to new VOBE e.g.

June 2017

1. Enhancements to rates to handle occupancy based pricing – aid rates for integrations such as Hotsoft.

2. IMC enhancements. Reservation and cancellation icons. Vouchers icon

May 2017

1. New search box / calendar for mobile. e.g. on IOS.

April 2017

1. Lots of modifications to Voucher Engine. Lots of update to IMC to allow various voucher engine configurations e.g. Sort by Price / Relevance – show / hide.

February 2017

1. IMC updated – remove old functionality – better user agents / profile config.


January 2017

1. Vobe config in IMC-

Added ability to show message box section or not. Set featured voucher value. Set VALID IN parameter on the voucher email. Show categories or not.

2. OBE 3DS set up 26.1.17

New IMC and OBE releases during 2016

November 2016

1. Dynamic 3D secure for VOBE

September 2016

1. Elavon payment gateway

2. New Voucher Engine – VOBE configuration updates in IMC, number across and sort by


October 2016

1. Triptease pricing tool – demo mode at moment

2. New Voucher Engine – rolled out to several clients including TTR, CBGVIE, LEUVIE

September 2016

1. Pricing mode display update in IMC. Added ‘PPS from’ in OBE config dropdown

2. New Voucher Engine – In progress with DO


August 2016

1. Change format of MM/YY on stage 3 of OBEs.  Now they are 2 distinct fields. Live 2.8.16. VOBE done 19.8.16. Addons, MAGSS yet to be done.

2. Child ages in hover over in OBE when you hover over the occupancy symbols. Live 2.8.16

3. Report updates – added SEO module

4. Report updates – added free text module

5. Try again button on OBE fixed

6. When property built in masteradmin, OBE gets short form by default.

7. ALT tags on occupancy symbols in OBE now shows child / infant ages.

8. Added quantity to vouchers so you can limit the amount of a particular voucher for sale.

9. Open OBE on 1st available date – then need to make OBE config option – currently testing 17.8.16

10. Added Expire Soon text to rates.




July 2016

1. Comment section now in Masteradmin and hotel’s own IMC. See the speech bubble on the navigation bar.

June 2016

1. Rooms section in Hotel’s IMC re-engineered, collapsed menu and new layout.

2. Multiroom Booking Engine (MRB) live on Group Search and Sort for   LIVE 24.6.16

3. Multiroom Booking Engine (MRB) live on Group Search and Sort for   LIVE 24.6.16


May 2016

1. STRIPE payment gateway installed. In1 Stripe allows for EUR / GBP / USD / ZAR / NZD.

2. New Payment forms validation / CC for Voucher OBE.

3. Multiroom Booking Engine (MRB) live on Group Search and Sort for   Live 18.5.16

4. Multiroom Booking Engine (MRB) live on Group Search and Sort for    Live 18.5.16

5. Multiroom Booking Engine (MRB) live on Group Search and Sort for    Live 19.5.16

6. Display rate info tags under Management / Booking Engine Config in IMC.
This allows you to show / hide the rate information date range boxes and days of week underneath the RATE NAME in the OBE. Live 25.5.16

7. View All Offers link re-instated to Desktop OBE. Live 23.5.16

April 2016

1. VOBE config enhancements in IMC. Move how to receive section to bottom

2. Enhancements to Magnolia search and sort incorporating multi-room booking – not live yet

March 2016

1. Include promo code in Magnolia Search and Sort

2. Allow &currency=XXX in the OBE

3. Mod in OBE config  (IMC) to allow rooms sorting order in OBE

4. Mod in OBE config (IMC) to allow for number of nights in OBE

5. Paypal gateway for VOBE – should be live in March

February 2016

1. Multi Room Booking applied to Magnolia Search and Sort – Testing in March.

2. Responsive OBE

3. Paypal gateway live for OBE (RGRSPS)

4. Sagepay 3D secure payment gateway configured for GLL

January 2016

1. New Master Rate View (remove use of Micro Man rates for HSBPES) – Live 11.1.16

2. Voucher Resend now takes into account bespoke email template for that property.

New IMC and OBE releases during 2015

December 2015

1. Lots of Voucher Engine updates to enhance the purchase process (frontend)

2. VOBE – bespoke email templates added for Dalata Group

November 2015

1. Lots of Voucher Engine updates to enhance the purchase process (frontend)

2. Lots of Voucher Engine config updates in IMC under Management. More dynamic functionality.

3. Tag Manager introduced

4. Realex 3D secure launched (Maldron / Clayton using)

5. More enhancements to auto reports. Updates to Voucher Reports and dedicated report for Posting of vouchers


October 2015

1. Enhanced Magnolia Search and Sort for Hidden Ireland – includes refine by facility, property type, map etc.

2. OBE – don’t allow duplicate bookings

3. Vouchers – Check if voucher is still online stage 3 / 4 before committing.
Don’t allow duplicate voucher bookings (browser auto resubmitting page)

4. Sagepay payment gateway

5. IMC – Micro man reconfiguration – WIP

6. Basket Abandonment – see IMC / Management / Booking Engine Config.

7. Voucher Configuration settings – see IMC / Management / Voucher Engine Config.

8. Paygate payment gateway

September 2015

1. Enhanced report layout for S2S (WRSSIE) and Gran Fondo (WRGFIE)

2. Designed Shelbourne and Delphi voucher emails

3. CSS for stage 2 of OBE – making OBE responsive on mobile platforms

August 2015

1. More enhancements to Scheduled Reports section in hotel’s own IMC

2. Paygate payment solution – due live mid August

3. Enhancements to Magnolia Search and Sort. Include facilities, Points of Interest, maps etc.

4. Added Booking Ref. to Realex console

July 2015

1. Basket Abandonment
On stage 3 of OBE, if you click back button in your browser, a pop up appears to entice you to continue your booking
(See Hotel IMC – Management / Booking Engine Config – Enable Basked Abandonment)

2. Extra Night – allow for extra night(s) charge in a Dynamic Rate
(See Hotel IMC – Edit a Dynamic Rate and on the Rate page a new option in Price Settings dropdown called “Per Night with Extra Nights” is available)

3. New format of branded Hotel Confirmation email – due live w/c 24.7.15. Still not live 11.8.15

4. Closed to Arrival / Departure (C2A / C2D) – C2A delivered

June 2015

1. Corporate / Wedding / Group Booking Engine
(See Hotel IMC – Clients / Groups)

May 2015

1. Site domain is now part of OBE URL & entire OBE under HTTPs

April 2015

1. Daily rates now in IMC. This is a break down of rates for multiple night stays
(See Hotel IMC – Clients / Reservations / View Processed)

March 2015

1. Migration of Special Offers in IMC to Dynamic Rates. Special Offers tab removed end March.

February 2015

1. Enhancements to Reports in IMC, particularly Compare Years Report

January 2015

1. Integrations status is now in hotel’s own IMC

2. New layout / look and feel for reports – WIP

3. Large images in OBE when hovered over (to be made clickable)

4. Lots of enhancements to Promo Code – you can use for corporate or hidden rates too. Live 29.1.15
(see Hotel IMC – Inventory / Promotion Codes)


New IMC and OBE releases during 2014

August 2014

1. Ability to link directly to a specific voucher


2. You can also link directly to cash vouchers by appending &cashonly=true to the end of the standard voucher link.


October 2014

1. Direct link to a Dynamic Rate can now display strike through discount if applicable


2. New Group Search and Sort


3. TAX handling – allow various tax / gst set ups

See Management / Property / Property Info / Tax

See stage 2.5 summary for this booking engine

November 2014

1. New look and feel IMC live.
Just log into portal and you will see the difference.

2. Separate Reports tab now in IMC

3. New OBE configuration module added to IMC
You will find it under Management in the IMC. Feature allows user to manage certain OBE functions such as Price Per Person or Price Per Night, Sort Rates, Show particular languages etc.

4. Mandatory Add on Services
When adding / editing an Add on Service, new option to set Usage to Optional or Mandatory

5. Display or do not display mandatory services on stage 2.5 in booking engine
Under advance settings in IMC, set to Public or Hidden

6. Child Age Handling
Set ages under Management / Property / Property Profile
Ages will appear beside CHILD in Booking engine summary, stages 2.5 – 4


7. Booking Engine message board
Allows you to add marketing or Terms & Conditions text to OBE


8. New look and feel voucher engine (responsive)


December 2014

1. Voucher Terms & Conditions – Dynamic
You can now edit voucher engine Terms and Conditions for both Electronic and Post type vouchers.
See Management / Property / Terms & Conditions / Voucher Engine

2. Editable Voucher text – Cash Section
See Inventory / Vouchers / Cash Vouchers

3. Bookings Report in IMC now gives you option to include or exclude Cancellations

4. Voucher CSS changes – green font, do not auto populate buyer details

5. Branded Voucher emails – Done for Shelbourne eVouchers