Online Marketing & Digital Media Trends for 2015

Highlighted below are just some of the trends that are influencing online marketing strategies and which if incorporated into digital solutions will help to deliver engaging and effective campaigns.


Mobile may no longer be the buzz word that it was in previous years, but it still continues to grow in importance as a key element in any digital marketing strategy. Smartphone usage has continued to grow worldwide with an estimated 1.76 billion users at the end of 2014. Mobile commerce has also grown with mobile sales accounting for around 22% of all online sales – with the continued growth in mobile usage for browsing the web and purchasing online it has become a key driver of sales online and as such should form an integral part of any ecommerce and web strategy. This can be through dedicated mobile websites or booking engines or with fully responsive websites such as for the Lyrath Estate Hotel.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing has been flagged as a growing trend for a few years now and though it is in itself no longer new news, it is still an increasingly important part of any strategy. Whether it is for enhanced SEO performance, to encourage social sharing, increase brand awareness or to encourage engagement online, it needs to be factored into various campaigns. Also as mentioned in a marketing tips ezine User Generated Content, where the content is in fact generated by the user, is a great way to ensure fresh, engaging and more importantly endorsed content either on a website or through social media. Both company generated and user generated content can play an important role in any campaign and should be planned for and scheduled to ensure that it is used effectively.

Cross Channel Marketing

With the shift to more customer focused campaigns, which require a more targeted and personalised approach, so then cross channel or multichannel campaigns become increasingly relevant.  To ensure a marketing campaign is targeting the right customer at the right time with a customised message that will have a greater chance of encouraging engagement, then these campaigns need to be adapted to work on a number of channels and devices.

To deliver a truly cross channel solution, you would need not only to be measuring data across different channels and devices but also offline as well. For many companies such integrated tracking of customer activities is not feasible, however, that should not deter you from incorporating cross channel activities into your online marketing campaigns and doing so will help to increase customer engagement, conversions and ultimately loyalty.

Customer Experience

In a recent Marketing Tips ezine we covered the growing importance of Micro Targeting and the need to fully understand who your customer is and what they are looking for online, which will allow you to create more focused and targeted campaigns. However, campaigns also need to consider the customer experience, looking at ways to ensure that the impression the customer  gets for your property is consistent, engaging and enjoyable whether from a website, ezine, social media or paid advertising. There are many ways to interact with the brand and if possible you should ensure that the experience the customer has when they engage with the brand online is a positive one which will encourage engagement and look to grow loyalty.  Many hotels have a wide and diverse customer base and it can be difficult to create a customer focused approach that will appeal to all, but including a focus on the customer and on creating engaging campaigns will create an overall positive customer experience.


Personalisation is a key component of customer experience – by personalising what you offer to best suit what that particular customer wants and delivering it on the channel or platform that best suits them at the most opportune time. It is a combination of geo-targeting, micro-targeting and customer focus that highlights  the shift  in focus from the brand experience to the customer experience and personalisation of campaigns across all channels will help to drive that move and in so doing create more engaging and effective campaigns.