Oxfordshire Hotels Group – Digital Strategy – Contacts

As part of the on-going management of the Digital strategy for the Oxfordshire Hotels Group, In1 Solutions will contact various members of the Oxfordshire Team to agree on a number of elements such as, website content up-dates, promotional campaigns, offers….

Please indicate on the form below the name(s) and email addresses for those who should be communicated with for the various elements of the strategy.

Oxfordshire Group – Digital Strategy

Key Decision Makers (To be included on all communications):

Monthly Reports (Detailed overview & recommendations, incl PPC):

Scheduled Reports (Automated reports sent daily / weekly and monthly covering bookings / arrivals / voucher sales):

Product Up-dates: (packages / offers / discounts / vouchers…):

Website Up-dates (to include SEO and Content Marketing elements):

Ezines & Brand Advocacy: (This will include agreeing on regular promotion on offers using ezines and email banners etc and also maintaining incentives on Brand Advocacy):