We drive traffic to your site in an innovative, clever, and financially efficient manner.



Let’s face it – raising your hotel’s rank on Google search engines is a challenging feat that requires more dedication than many can muster.

Not for our accomplished Pay Per Click team.

We drive traffic to your site in an innovative, clever, and financially efficient manner.

PPC is a marketing model that allows you to pay for your advertisements, but only when the ad is clicked. So, once the budget is depleted, the ad is dropped. Search engines such as Google deem Pay Per Click available on auction. The highest bidder typically wins the most prominent placement.


tailored to optimise

your expenditure

It may sound easy, but rushing into the nuanced intricacies of PPC has led many to disaster.

With our help, your business will boast a bespoke PPC campaign, specifically tailored to optimise your expenditure.


Campaign Management

We update and maintain your online campaigns, ensuring they achieve optimum placement and return on investment

Brand Protection

From one business to another, we understand the importance of protecting your image online. Your brand is safe with us

Mobile Campaigns

To enjoy the countless benefits of a robust, far-reaching campaign, you need to advertise across all devices. With us, your brand’s impact will be felt by mobile, desktop, laptop, and tablet users. Smartphones account for the vast majority of website traffic, so we pull out all the stops!

Performance Reporting

Want to keep tabs on your performance? We provide regular, detailed reports, analysing the strengths of your campaign and advising on where there’s room for improvement

Landing Page Optimisation

It’s crucial to make a strong first impression. When a campaign links to one of your website’s landing pages, optimum load times, usability, and responsiveness are essential to keep their attention. We ensure your landing pages perform to the highest standard to lock in sales

Metasearch Management

Not only do we represent your brand on Google, we also ensure your campaigns are promoted across other search engines including Bing, DuckDuckGo, CC Search, StartPage, and more. That way, no one misses out on your irresistible offerings, regardless of their preferred search engine

Retargeting & Remarketing

Oftentimes, people see an offer that appeals to them but, by the time the circumstances are right to make that final purchase, they’ve forgotten about its existence. They’ve clicked away. Out of sight, out of mind. That’s where this strategy comes in. Potential customers will continue to see ads and banners depicting your property, encouraging them to go back and buy

Did you know Search Engine Optimisation goes hand in hand with PPC?


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