Dear Client,

Welcome to the In1 Solutions Voucher Engine. Here you will find information on how to set up your voucher engine and the steps involved in going live.

  1. Once your contract is signed, our support team will send you a Voucher DECK. A DECK is a form that provides us with information about your vouchers, pricing, T&Cs etc., enabling In1 Support to begin building your voucher engine.
  2. Once the DECK has been filled out, please email it to The sooner we have your information, the sooner your voucher engine will be live.
  3. In1 Solutions support will build / populate your voucher engine.
  4. In1 Solutions brands your voucher engine to complement your website.
  5. If you are a Savvy customer, Savvy support will send your TEST and LIVE credentials to In1 Solutions. They will be set up and tested before going live.
  6. If you require your own payment gateway with Realex, you will have been sent a form by In1 Support to fill out and return. This should be completed immediately and returned to In1 Solutions so that In1 can get your voucher engine live. Please note: to set up your own REALEX account, you must have an eCommerce MID. This must be enabled for 3D secure. Ensure all cards are enabled for 3D secure. If not, speak to your bank. You will also be required by In1 Solutions Accounts Department to fill out and return a Direct Debit mandate.
  7. Should you require a bespoke email build, please ensure all information has been sent to In1 Solutions including logo, brand guidelines, font, etc.
  8. When a voucher is purchased, the confirmation email can come directly from your property. If this would be your preference, please supply contact details to In1 Solutions. Be sure to point us in the direction of a contact who can handle DNS updates for your website domain address.
  9. If you require that, when a voucher is purchased, the email appears to come from your property email address (DKIM/SPF), please provide contact details to In1 Solutions (as to the best contact in your property who can handle DNS updates for your website domain address).
  10. If you require analytics tracking on your voucher engine, we can provide you with a standard analytics tracking code. Should you require a more detailed/complex analytics set up, this will be chargeable.
  11. Once your voucher engine is built, branded, payment gateway configured (if required), Savvy credentials configured (if required), bespoke email built (if required), DKIM/SPF configured (if required), In1 Solutions will be in contact with you with regards to training. This will be scheduled with you over the phone, on Skype / Slack / Zoom, etc.
  12. Once everything is in order, In1 Solutions will begin testing the voucher engine with you. It is essential that a candidate from your property that has access to Realex (if required) and SAVVY (if required) is made available during the testing period.
  13. The client will then sign off and can add the voucher engine link to their website. The voucher engine link should be put in a prominent position, e.g. the main top navigation, footer, and pop-up, if possible.



To add a Voucher Special Offer, go to the In1 IMC. Click “Inventory” > “Vouchers” > “Add/Edit Voucher”.

Therein, you will find five simple fields to complete:

  1. Name of special offer
  2. Description of offer
  3. Price of offer
  4. Type/Class of voucher
  5. Voucher engine tabs


Thank you for putting your faith in us. We won’t let you down.

– The In1 Solutions Team


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