Special Event Engine

The Perfect Solution for Your Corporate, Weddings and Events Market

We have enhanced our corporate and events modules so that you can easily set-up and manage dedicated rates for individual clients, companies, groups or large events. The functionality allows you to establish dedicated rates or promotional offers for each client with a range of controls such as:

  • Visibility – you can decide who gets to see the dedicated rates and also limit their ability to view other rates or offers while in the engine


  • Availability – You can utilise Blocked Availability to block availability for specific dates or an entire date range for different room types or Increment Availability if you want your block to be offset against your live availability on the In1 Solutions system. You can also implement Cut off Dates, which allows you to block a specific amount of availability for a date period and then beyond that date availability will be released


  • Payment – for each client or group you can choose to have specific payment requirements which will be detailed in each confirmation, such as “account will be settled directly with the client on departure” or indicate if they need to supply a credit card to make the booking.














Dedicated Landing Pages

Setting up the specific requirements for each corporate client or wedding event is very easy and the booking engine links can then be sent directly to each client or you can direct them to a custom landing page which can be created for each client or group.














We have a suite of landing page templates to suit your special event or corporate requirements. These templates can be added to your websites and adapted for each client incorporating a range of elements from images, available upgrades, special request forms etc.

If you would like to receive more information about our Special Event Engine, please contact us on: support@in1solutions.com or call: +353 (0)1 870 6350


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