Tailored Email Marketing Solutions

Are You Making the Most of Your Contact Database?

In1 Solutions can offer a Tailored Email Marketing solution that is custom designed to ensure that you are getting the most from your existing client list or contact database. By increasing customer engagement, driving growth in clickthrough rates, improving loyalty and increasing revenue.

WHY do Ezines…

An ezine can be a cost effective way to promote your brand and to drive both visitors to your website and conversions with targeted campaigns.

EASY to set-up….

With our Tailored Email Marketing Solution, we do all the work, which includes:

  • Creative Designs – for either one-off campaigns or template ezines which can be re-used
  • Database Management – Your database is one of your most valuable assets, as it links you to buyers and potential buyers, and helps boost brand retention, sales and long term client relationships. In1 Solutions provides a comprehensive range of database marketing solutions to ensure you are sending the right message to the right person at the right time
  • Measurable Results – we provide user-friendly reporting and we also ensure that the ezines are effectively tracked and included in your Google Analytics reports.
  • Integrated Solutions – we can also support your email communications as part of your overall online marketing strategy, by ensuring that there is a unique website landing pages for each campaign and promotional sections on the website. The campaign can be further promoted with our email marketing messages which can be designed to match the campaign and included on all of your company’s outgoing emails. Our solution also enables you to integrate your ezine communications with your Facebook and Twitter campaigns.


COST effective solution…

Our Tailored Email Marketing Solution is a cost effective way to communicate with your database and our managed service costs €175 per campaign. There are also additional costs for sending the campaign which vary depending on the size of the database.

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Tailored Email Marketing