Wedding & Events Calendar

As part of our suite of online marketing and technology solutions, designed to deliver more business to your property, our Wedding & Event Calendar is the perfect addition to your site. Both weddings and events are an important source of revenue for hotels and our smart calendar is the perfect solution for generating more enquiries for events from your website. It can be included on any section of your website and it customised to match your brand look and feel. It displays available dates, for which a potential customer can submit an enquiry form. It also clearly displays those dates that are either already fully confirmed or provisionally booked.

The smart calendar can be used for Weddings, Christmas Parties, BBQ’s etc. Whatever events you wish to promote on your site, a custom calendar can be included.  The Event Calendar is easily managed for the In1 Solutions Management Console (IMC) and the calendars are available for a small monthly fee. Or if you would like a complete promotional package for your events, we also offer designed micro-websites, with  SEO and content marketing strategy and targeted PPC campaign.

In1 Solutions Wedding Calendar

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