Creating/Editing a post

Posts can be created or edited in ‘Posts’ at the top of the WordPress navigation menu. Click ‘All Posts’ to edit existing posts, or ‘Add New’ to create a new one.

Text is edited in the text editor…see the Creating/editing a page guide for more info. You can also redirect a post to another page or a file, such as a pdf, in exactly the same way as you would with a page.

Some posts may only display a few lines of text…check this on your site before adding content as, if too much text is entered, it may not display on your website.

Most posts will be assigned a category. This category determines where the post is to be displayed. Categories can be viewed, selected and edited in the categories field to the right of the text editor.

Posts can be used for a variety of functionalities, so check for information as to how posts work for your site specifically.