Manage/edit galleries

You can manage galleries in WordPress by selecting ‘Manage Gallery’ in the ‘Gallery’ section of the Navigation bar on the left. Just select the gallery you wish to edit by clicking on it. Each gallery is named and numbered, and the number corresponds to the ‘gallery’ custom field on each page. This is what pulls in the slideshow on each page. In Manage Gallery images can be deleted from slideshows or re-ordered. To re-order the images just click ‘Sort Gallery’ and click and drag the images into the desired order. Don’t forget to click the ‘Update Sort Order’ button before you leave the page.

To add new images to a gallery, click ‘Add Gallery/Images’ on the left and select which Gallery you want to add the image to from the dropdown. Then click the Browse button which will allow you to select a file from your computer to upload to the gallery.

If an image is being uploaded to more than one gallery you will need to repeat this step for each gallery…more than one gallery cannot be selected at this stage. Images being uploaded to a gallery will need to be a certain size. The size of an image varies from site to site so be sure to check your site’s specifications before uploading new images.

To create a new gallery click the ‘Add New Gallery’ tab in ‘Add Gallery/Images’, enter the name of your new gallery then continue from above step.