Managing/editing uBillboard

You can manage your slideshows in uBillboard by selecting uBillboard>uBillboard on the navigation menu on the left. Then select the billboard you wish to edit by clicking on it. Each billboard is named, and the name corresponds to the ‘billboard_name’ custom field on each page. This is what pulls in the slideshow on each page. If no ‘billboard_name’ value is entered on a page, the default billboard will be displayed, which is usually the first billboard on the list.

When you click on the billboard name you can add and delete images and change the order in which they appear on your site. Each image appears as a slide. To re-order the slides, use the Slide Order field on the right-hand side of the page and simply click and drag the slides into the desired order.

To add an image you will need to first upload the image into the Media Library. Make sure the image is the correct size before uploading it…you will have been advised of the correct size already by one of our WordPress engineers. Then, at the bottom of the page, click the Add New Slide button, which will add a new slide into the final position. Finally, paste the file URL into the ‘Image URL’ field of the slide.

You can delete a slide by clicking the delete icon which appears in the top-right hand corner of the individual slide when you move your cursor to that position.

To create a new billboard, select uBillboard>Add Billboard from the navigation menu on the left. Please note, however, that this is creating a new Billboard from scratch and the new billboard will not have retained the correct settings for your site. If you are unsure about creating a new billboard, get in touch with your In1 Solutions contact who will take you through the process or create the billboard for you.

When naming your new billboard do not use any spaces (you can use dashes instead) and keep the names all in lower case. The settings for your new billboard are all found on the right-hand side. There are no universal settings for a billboard as your site will have been custom-designed. For reference you can check an existing billboard and copy the setting exactly, paying particular attention to the billboard size (Width and Height in pixels) and the Controls section.