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Introducing: Our Refund Voucher System! Safe Travels: The Future of the Industry in the ‘New Normal’ Checking In During Trying Times Coronavirus How Best to Respond Coronavirus: How Best to Respond It's Personal: A Tailored Approach


We have compiled a list of some of our savviest sales and marketing solutions. Implement these tips and tricks to get the most out of your digital marketing strategies.
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Introducing: Our Refund Voucher System!

Check out our brand new cutting-edge Refund Voucher (RVBE) solution. This technology (and training video) was developed in partnership with our friends over at The Brand Mix. […]

Safe Travels: The Future of the Industry in the ‘New Normal’

From India to the United States, individuals the world over are attempting to visualise the future of their indigenous travel industries. Tourism was at an all-time high prior to the outbreak of COVID-19 […]

Checking In During Trying Times

We’re living in strange times, the likes of which none of us have seen. At In1 Solutions, we’re here to support you, your property, your online presence, and your team through thick and thin. […]

Coronavirus: How Best to Respond

Amidst daily increases in infection cases and widespread cancellations of events and gatherings, many in the hospitality industry have already felt the impact of this COVID-19 crisis. Things may get worse before they get better. Successful resistance is based on how you respond to the crisis as it evolves […]

It’s Personal: A Tailored Approach

CX, digital customer experience, hyper-personalisation, whatever the title, there’s no doubt about it – personalised campaigns drive higher engagement and conversions. […]

Spring into Action with Seasonal Campaigns

With Christmas a distant memory, now is the perfect time to get your digital promotions spring ready! From annual events such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Easter, to incorporating seasonal themes […]

SEO and Rebranding: Pitfalls to Avoid

Whether it is a complete rebranding strategy or simply revitalising your brand identity, there is always a long list of actions to ensure a smooth transition. […]

Digital Trends for 2020: Prepare to Succeed

The rate of change in technology available, market performance, and consumer expectations demand that we change and adapt at an equal pace just to keep up! […]

Digital Marketing Checklist for Seasonal Campaigns

Regardless of the late summer feel to the weather at the moment, the nights are getting longer and early mornings are crisp. A timely reminder that the season is well underway. […]

Looking Back to the Future

Over the course of our blogging journey at In1 Solutions, we have made our mission clear: to anticipate changes in the marketplace, keeping our clients one step ahead of their competitors. […]

Honesty is the Best Policy: Why Booking Direct is Crucial

As a privately-owned Irish company, at In1 Solutions, we’re all about looking out for the little guy. […]

How Can A/B Split Testing Impact Your Website?

It’s the little things that make up life. Just as it’s the little details that elevate your website. […]

Google and the Heat of the Micro-Moment

In 2011, Google brought their ingenious ‘Zero Moment of Truth’ theory to public attention. The moment serves as the first in a successive series, revealing the consumer’s trajectory towards brand loyalty. […]

Maximise Your Social Media Management

You don’t need reminding. Everyone knows that establishing a pervasive presence on social media is essential in the modern age. […]

Why Email Marketing Should Top Your Priority List

The Internet. The fabled “network of networks”. The boundless information superhighway with which we are thoroughly familiar. […]

It’s Personal: 5 Tips to Establishing Brand Identity

Next time you embark on your weekly shopping excursion, stop and take a look around. You’ll quickly notice supermarket walls awash with off-brand alternatives that refuse to compromise on quality. […]

Treat Your Guests to More than Eggs this Easter

Happy Easter from all the team at In1 Solutions! The evenings are getting brighter, the flowers are in bloom, and to top it all off, a long weekend lies ahead. […]

Visualise the Visual: Looking at a Digital Future

Ours is a fascinating time in human history. Technology continues to develop at incredible speed, with revolutionary discoveries made daily. […]

In1 Solutions and Savvy: Partnership Producing Profit

Here at In1 Solutions, our standards of service are uncompromising. As a forward-thinking company, we appreciate fellow innovators. […]

Spring into Action: Marketing Tips for Seasonal Specials

Happy Valentine’s Day from all the team at In1 Solutions! As our booking and voucher engine clients are already well aware, this holiday elicits an exciting spike in revenue each year. […]

Transformations in Twenty-First Century Travel

Individuals born between 1981 and 1996, otherwise known as “Millennials”, comprise more than a quarter of the world’s population. […]

New Year, New Gift

A very Happy New Year! The annual sense of bafflement has descended upon us. Just like that, following weeks of anticipation, Christmas is but a fond memory and the promise of 2019 lies ahead. […]

The Benefits of Metasearch

Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, CC Search, StartPage. Every day, countless search engines are used to scan, rank, and navigate the infinities of the Internet. […]

SEO Tips for 2019

Regular changes to algorithms mean that SEO is an evolving science, requiring us to keep abreast of changes to ensure we get the most from organic searches. […]

Digital Trends to Keep in Mind for 2019

The Digital Marketing industry is constantly evolving. And at a remarkable speed. Innovations appear on a regular basis and quickly become key drivers in the industry. […]

Generate More Revenue from Paid Advertising Campaigns

The online market for paid advertising for the hotel industry has become increasingly crowded and competitive over the last few years. […]

Baby Boomers, Millennials, and Hotel Marketing

When it comes to marketing to diverse generations, hoteliers must stop to think about the different ways these prospective customers are influenced. Baby Boomers recall a time when there were no mobile phones or computers. […]

Using PPC and Advocacy to Maxmise Net RevPAR

In large hotel chains, revenue considerations filter through every level of the organisation. […]

Optimising Your Brand Defence Strategy

Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) such as spend billions on online advertising each year. This can significantly undermine and reduce direct bookings to your hotel website. […]

How to Protect Your Brand Online

There is no “one approach fits all” action that can be taken to protect your brand online. In many instances, promotion of your brand by third parties can be beneficial, for example, one-off joint marketing campaigns. […]

In1 Solutions Partners with

In1 Solutions is delighted to announce its partnership with! Together, we will deliver social media engagement tools to increase direct bookings and heighten the awareness of individual hotel brands online. […]

Content Marketing: Do You Have Your Strategy in Place?

In a competitive online marketplace, where customer focused content is being created and promoted by companies at an increasing rate, the need for an effective marketing strategy is greater than ever. […]

Does Cloud Hosting Enhance More Than Just Response Time?

Successful website performance is key. It goes without saying that poor functionality, slow download times, and missing links will drive visitors away from your site. […]

Get the Best Yield from Each Available Room

It is essential for hoteliers to administer full control over their yield strategy. They must be able to manage their rates to ensure the offer and obtain the best rate for each room. […]