Search Engine Optimisation

Content Creation & Optimisation

Our SEO team have the creative touch you need. Not only can we assist with gifting content creation, we also optimise it, so its performance is strong from the get go.

Keyword Research

What are the keywords associated with your brand across all search engines? We monitor keywords and phrases such as “the perfect gift” to ensure your property’s vouchers are favourably reflected and ranked amongst the highest in your locality.

Competition Monitoring

It’s important to keep an eye on what’s happening around us. We survey your competitors’ search engine strategies, methods, and rankings to help you gain the upper-hand.

Technical Site Audit

Search engines favour responsive sites with clearly written copy. Broken links, 404s, and slow load times can hinder success. We evaluate your site to ensure it’s at its technical best.

Link Building & Outreach

Search engines favour websites that link to others. This displays confidence that, if a user clicks away, they’ll be back. We help you build links that improve your ranking.

Reporting & Analysis

We keep our eye on the ball with monthly reporting and analysis to ensure your SEO campaign is subject to constant improvement and development.