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In1’s Brand Advocacy tool is seamlessly integrated into the online booking process. It brings customer and hotel brand together by dispensing with flashy, expensive online marketing campaigns, and harnessing the power of your guest instead.

Something special happens when travellers discover your hotel or destination through real experiences shared by friends and family.

Reach, inspire, and convert an entirely new global audience with our brand and photo advocacy tools!

By adding our social media functionality to your booking process, approximately 15% of your hotel guests will become trusted brand advocates. For countless hoteliers already using our product, Return on Engagement (ROE) has increased by 15% – 25%. Meanwhile, Return on Investment (ROI) has increased tenfold. As the impact of social media expands, so do your profits.


Every booking marks the beginning of a new story.

Right after confirming their reservation, guests are excited to share their upcoming trip with friends and family. Encourage them to do just that!

Guests are provided with an incentive that entices them to endorse your hotel on social media – for example, ‘Get 15% off your stay!’

Your guest shares the message with friends and family, converting them into a trusted advocate amongst peers. Each of their social connections is then directed to your hotel’s website. Further individualised incentives and attractive marketing solutions transform these additional visitors from curious onlookers into future guests!

Brand Advocacy Hotels and Resorts



Proven to convert social traffic into real bookings.
These measurable results strengthen brand awareness. Exponentially.

Brand Advocacy Hotels and Resorts


At In1, we have cultivated a re-imagined post-stay interaction that builds the strongest brand connections possible. Change the conversation you have with your guests once they’ve packed up their bags and bid you farewell (…for now!).

Invite your guests to tell their story. Offer rewards in return and transform their memorable moments into priceless artefacts that inspire global connection.

Brand Advocacy Hotels Contests


A picture says a thousand words. And each guest holds a unique perspective.

Visitors to your hotel are encouraged to post photographs of their fondest memories. In doing so, they provide their social media connections with captivating, diverse, and authentic introductions to your hotel.

There is inherent warmth in the act of sharing holiday snaps with family and friends. Ignite shutterbug creativity with photography contests. Reap the benefits by turning this user-generated content into unparalleled marketing tools.

Finalists share their photos with family and friends, rallying votes to move up the ranks. This process will drive traffic to your website. Each new vote unlocks an incentive for visitors that may be redeemed on a future stay. Look on in astonishment as a single guest attracts hundreds of potential others.

At the end of each contest, finalists receive top prizes.

But in reality, everyone’s a winner.