Brand Advocacy

Flip.toUsing the power of social media to generate brand awareness and higher booking levels from a hotel’s own web site.
It’s not who you know… it’s who your guests know.

In1 Solutions, working in partnership with Flip To, are offering a brand advocacy tool which is seamlessly integrated into the In1 online booking process and helps your hotel boost brand awareness and earn new guests with the help of your most trusted, untapped marketing juggernaut — your guests! This cutting-edge feature provides hoteliers with two solutions—a booking engine and a social media marketing solution—from a single system. Enabling the hotel to harness the power of their guests and enhance social media engagement

The brand advocate platform for hotels, combines seamless, well-designed technology and a thoughtful process that’s a win for your guests and your hotel. This unique and highly effective marketing solution lets you tap into the social networks of your guests, turning them into active and engaged brand advocates. By simply incentivising your guests to share their stay with their social networks, we help you multiply your marketing reach.

It enables hoteliers to establish all-encompassing, effective, reliable marketing campaigns by engaging guests and the social media channels that they rely on. It brings both the customer and the hotel brand together without the need for an aggressive or expensive online marketing campaign, but by simply harnessing the power of your Guest!

How Does it Work?

  • When a guest makes a reservation through the Hotels In1 Solutions online booking engine, a pop-up encourages the guest to share the news via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn (an incentive is offered, like a complimentary upgrade) – all the guest has to do is click the button.
  • The Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn post includes a unique link and entices your guest’s social connections to click on it by offering a special offer, such as “get a 15% discount on your stay!”
  • When your guest’s social connections click on the link in their friend’s post, they will be taken directly to your hotel’s website, where a personalised message awaits announcing your guest’s (their friend’s) upcoming stay at your hotel, paired with a soft call to action (like “sign up for your special offer, too – good for the next six months!”), increasing your pool of future guests.

The basic concept is simple, in general people tend to trust recommendations from family or friends over most forms of paid advertising and in an age dominated by the growth of social media, word of mouth and social media engagement is key. By incentivising your guest to work for you, to spread awareness of you brand to potentially hundreds of social media connections, will enable a hotel to organically grow the reach of their brand to untapped markets, all with a friend or family endorsement. In essence our integrated tool will turn guests into hotel brand advocates, reaching a pool of thousands of future guests.

The product works by allowing guests to reach out to their friends in a way that feels natural while using social networks along with a hotel’s booking engine. When a guest makes an online booking in a hotel that has been empowered with this tool, they can share their trip with their friends without even leaving the hotel website. When this guest’s friend clicks on the link, they will land on a personalised version of the hotel’s website that includes reviews from their friend about the hotel. Hoteliers have the ability to control all messages to guests, including advertising incentives for sharing trips. The tool will also email vouchers to guests who have reached their goal with simple redemption process. Hotels will also have access to their own analytics so they know who is talking about them and how much traffic they are receiving.

Unlike other social media tools, the brand advocacy solution empowers the hotel directly, enabling them to utilise built-in incentives that are part of the booking process and the follow-up communications and all supported with customised landing pages, emails and certificates.   It is a social media platform that makes sharing and rewarding feel authentic and natural, and has great potential to revolutionise the way hotels market online through social networks.

The social media tool, which is seamlessly integrated into the booking process can turn 15% of a hotel’s guests into advocates. For some hoteliers already using the product It has demonstrated strong return on Engagement (R.O.E) of 15% to 25% and Return on Investment (R.O.I) of ten times.


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