In1 Solutions Adds PayPal Payment Method

PayPal offers a quick, secure online payment process that is already used on thousands of  online merchant sites around the world, featuring 26 currencies from 203 countries and markets.  With an email and password anyone can easily set-up a PayPal account, then add a card to their PayPal account, and simply login with an email address and password whenever they are purchasing something online.

With an estimated 72% of US online shoppers having a PayPal account, it has fast become a preferred payment option for online shopping in many markets.

In1 Solutions has enabled PayPal to be used as a payment option as part of our online booking engine technology offering. Clients can choose to add PayPal as a payment option, alongside MasterCard and Visa, for example. Offering customers who purchase stays on their website the option to pay with their PayPal account.

If you would like to add PayPal to your website as a payment option you would need to set-up an account with PayPal. There are set transaction fees depending on the market you operate in and currency conversion charges can also apply. The transaction fees can also vary depending on the transaction size. For more information on PayPal fees visit their website – PayPal Fees.

Once you have a PayPal merchant account, In1 Solutions can then enable PayPal as a payment option on our integrated booking engine for your property.

If you have any queries on enabling PayPal on your website, then contact us for more information using the form below.

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