• Debbie Shilton-Hewett, Online Marketing Manager, Oceana Hotels, UK

    After launching our 4 hotel websites in September 2010 with the In1 Solutions booking engine, we have seen a phenomenal increase in bookings into our properties. Each hotel’s revenues have increased greatly, with The Cliffeside Hotel having the biggest increase of 75%. With the In1 Solutions booking engine we have been able to offer the customer much more with all the flexibility and services that the system allows us, and the customer. In1 Solutions have also been able to accommodate all our personal requests in order that the booking engine has been tailor-made to our very specific needs. The In1 team have been constantly working closely with us to keep our websites and web events up to date with today’s pace. They are always extremely helpful in assisting us with demanding changes and very accommodating with last minute requests with immediate effect. Oceana Hotels have a very successful online marketing strategy with a great presence and we are thankful to in1solutions for their contribution to this.

    Monday, May 26, 2014