Creative and Engaging Solutions

In an increasingly competitive online marketplace, where customer focused content is being created and promoted by companies at an increasing rate, there is a greater need than ever to ensure any marketing or promotional strategy is both creative and engaging, in order to have a chance at catching the user’s eye.

As well as ensuring that the campaigns have been micro-targeted, are personalised, authentic and transparent from the point of view of what the brand offers and tell a story – the campaigns will need to have a strong creative element from both the visual perspective and also the “how & the why” of the story itself.

By being creative in both what you are saying to the customer, how you are telling them and also creative in how you initially catch their attention – strong visual elements, you will have created a campaign that will encourage engagement. To do this you will need to ensure that the right message is using the right communication channel to go to the correct person at the right time, and even with all of those elements checked, you will then need to make it creative or eye-catching and provide strong calls to action and incentives to support engagement. Now more than ever the marketing person responsible for managing these campaigns needs to be a technologist as well as a creative person to ensure that all of the tools and channels available online and utilised to creative an effective online marketing mix.