01. What is default availability?

When a property is first set up in the IMC, we allocate default availability to each room type. This is the number of rooms that will be available each day, unless you decide to change it. To view your Default availability, go to “Inventory” > “Rooms” > “Edit Room”. Then click “Edit” next to the room you wish to view. “Default Availability” is located at the bottom of the page.

02. How do I change availability?

Under “Availability”, select “Edit Avail”. You may then select a date range and edit availability for all room types. To choose a specific room type, simply select one from the dropdown. To adjust availability, change the numbers or click “Close” to set availability to zero. Click “Apply” on the top right to save changes.

03. What is the default rate?

When a property is first set up in the IMC, we allocate a default rate to each room type. This rate is used when a room is available to book, but no other rate has been allocated. For this reason, we recommend that you use your highest rack rate. To view your “Default Rate”, go to “Inventory” > “Rooms” > “Edit Room”. Then click “Edit” next to the room you wish to view. The “Default Rate” is located beneath the room description, near the middle of the page.

04. How do rates work in the IMC?

There are two types of rates. There is the Master Rate (accessed via “Inventory” > “Master Rates”). This is usually your Best Available Rate (BAR). It tends to be displayed as a room only rate or a B&B rate. Then, there are Dynamic Rates (accessed via “Inventory” > “Dynamic Rates”). These may be driven from your BAR and therefore, need very little management once set up.

05. What is a typical Dynamic Rate?

Let’s say your BAR is a room only rate. You can set up a special offer under “Dynamic Rates” called “Dinner B&B Rate”. You simply set up the breakfast and dinner price per adult and per child. The In1 booking engine will then calculate the total rate based on the number of adults and children attending.

06. Are there any restrictions on how I edit my Dynamic Rate?

No, you have total control over your offerings. You decide title and description. You set date parameters for the next week, month, or year. Enjoy complete flexibility on pricing for adults and children. In addition, you can set the rate for the offer as a “Total Amount”, a “Percentage Increase” on the BAR, or a specified “Amount” added to the BAR.

07. What if I want to offer a discount?

Simply select a negative amount, say -10, and then select from the dropdown to determine whether the figure signifies -€10 or -10%. This is often used for advance purchase discount rates such as “Pay Now and Save”.

08. Can I add different payment options?

Yes. Every offer or dynamic rate can be fitted with different payment terms. You can set a zero deposit, a booking deposit, or “Pay Full Amount”. You can also choose to have the payment deducted at time of booking or by the hotel after the booking has been made.

09. Do all Dynamic Rates have to be available for sale?

This is up to you. You can leave all rates available or use our calendar console to close out specific rates at certain times.

10. How do I assign an image to a room / voucher / Master Rates / Dynamic Rates?

Navigate to Inventory > Image Manager and select the image you wish to assign. Along the left-hand side of the Image Manager Page, you’ll see “Image Relationships”. Should you like to assign the image in question to a room, under the Inventory heading, select “Rooms”. To assign to the image to a voucher, click “Voucher”, and so on.

Next, tick the desired option. Once completed, don’t forget to save your changes by clicking the green button on the bottom left. These settings will be applied to your voucher engine immediately.

11. Why have credit / debit card transactions been unsuccessful during bookings?

Some of the most common reasons for failed transaction include:

1. Incorrect details entered.
2. Expired or maxed out card
3. Card reported stolen
4. Card cancelled
5. Card put on hold due to geographic location
6. Card type or issuing bank not supported by vendor payment gateway
7. Vendor payment gateway requires 3D secure to be setup on card type. This is specific to “3D secure not enabled” error

Our software is designed to link to each vendor’s unique payment gateway, which is managed independently from our own systems.

If you continue to have issues with your transaction, we advise contacting the vendor directly.

12. How do I add a new user to the IMC?

If a member of your team requires a log-in to the IMC, granting them access is simple and straight-forward.

Log into the IMC, navigate to Management > Users > + New User.

Input their username, email address, and assign the extent of their access. The IMC will issue multiple prompts should you choose to limit certain visibility to certain members of staff.

Once bespoke permissions and restrictions are applied, click “Save”. Return to the previous screen by clicking the blue back arrow on the top left of the screen.

Beside the new user profile, on the right-hand side, select “Password Reset”.

A password reset email will be sent to their inbox immediately, along with an email inviting them to activate their IMC account.

13. How do I edit existing room details?

Log into the IMC and navigate to Inventory > Rooms.

Find the room you would like to update and click the “Edit” button to the left of the title.

On the upper-half of the page, you can update variables such as room name, description, if breakfast is included, and breakfast details.

On the latter half of the page, you can update the number of rooms available, the minimum stay requirement, room occupancy, and default price. You may choose to add an incremental charge should the number of guests exceed the usual occupancy. For example, if a room for two will also need accommodate an infant.

Click “Save” and the changes will instantly be applied to your booking engine.