Voucher Engine

01. Will a new voucher be issued if I redeem its value in part?

A new voucher will not be issued. The same voucher can be used again and again until its balance is depleted. Its value will be updated automatically according to your spend. The remainder can then be used for future purchases at the property. Please keep your voucher safe. In1 Solutions cannot accept responsibility for lost or stolen vouchers.

02. Why isn't my card being accepted at the voucher payment screen?

There could be any number of reasons for transaction failure. The card that you’re using may not be accepted or perhaps you need to use an alternative device or browser.

Some of the most common reasons for failed transaction include:

1. Incorrect details entered
2. Expired or maxed out card
3. Card reported stolen
4. Card cancelled
5. Card put on hold due to geographic location
6. Card type or issuing bank not supported by vendor payment gateway
7. Vendor payment gateway requires 3D secure to be setup on card type. This is specific to “3D secure not enabled” error

Our software is designed to link to each vendor’s unique payment gateway, which is managed independently from our own systems.

If you continue to have issues with your transaction, we advise contacting the vendor directly.

If these suggestions don’t yield results, contact us at

03. What do I do if Tutuka has issues processing voucher payments?

Please contact Tutuka customer services directly.

04. I can view a voucher on a property's website but can't seem to purchase it. Why is this?

When vouchers are set up by a property, a “Max Available” setting can be enabled. In this case, the voucher cap may have been reached. However, if the voucher is still visible on their website, this is likely an error. Contact the property directly to query whether the offering is still available. If so, they can remedy the settings to allow you to make the purchase.

05. Can I buy a voucher as a gift today and send it to the recipient at a later date?

Yes, provided the property has our “Future Send” function enabled.

This option will appear under the delivery options at the checkout.

06. I made a mistake when inputting voucher details. How do I fix it?

Contact the property directly with the correct information. They can easily update the voucher details on your behalf.