How to Generate More Revenue from your Paid Advertising Campaigns (PPC)

Although the online market for paid advertising for the hotel industry has become increasingly crowded and competitive over the last few years, PPC remains a cost effective and measurable way of driving targeted visits to your website and driving growth in online revenue.

Maximising Return on Investment in PPC

As already mentioned, the online marketplace in which hotels operate,  is very competitive and only targeted and well managed PPC campaigns will provide a competitive Cost per Click (CPC) or overall Cost per Acquisition (CPA)  that is lower than that from other sources. Creating a successful campaign requires the management of a number of elements, from effective keyword targeting, to the management of negative keywords and having well structured accounts.

One of the key benefits of paid advertising and why it can be an effective tool for driving measurable leads or conversions, is because the ad networks do not just reward those who spend the most on their campaigns, but instead reward those with the highest quality ads. The more relevant and useful your offering or ad is, the better its overall quality score, which in essence means a higher click thru rate (CTR) and lower costs.

Your PPC ad rank is determined by a mix of your maximum bid and your quality score and a good PPC management company will ensure that campaigns are both well structured and managed to ensure they perform by delivering targeted leads and conversions at a cost effective price.

However, there are ways to enhance your paid advertising campaigns by implementing some of the following:

  • Brand Defence – PPC Brand Protection can help to reduce overall campaign costs and boost direct revenue  – Read More about Brand Defence Strategies and how they can support a Book Direct Strategy.
  • Creative Landing Pages – that are both visually appealing as well as informative, containing relevant information to elaborate on the keywords promoted on the PPC ads
  • Enticing product offerings – having a good selection of offers that are attractive, whether by the richness of the offering or the competitiveness of the price, will support higher conversion rates
  • Strong visuals – on both ads and landing pages
  • Engaging Websites – Websites that are attractive & engaging with clear Calls-to-Action
  • Harness Mobile Traffic – as well as having mobile targeted campaigns & dedicated mobile ads – support these campaigns with responsive websites or mobile apps with relevant content and clear navigation
  • Integrated Marketing – by integrating your online and offline marketing campaigns you can help to maximise yield. For example, having the same visuals and calls to action repeated in online & offline ads for specific campaigns can increase their effectiveness
  • Retargeting – For those who have already visited your website or landing page, having well constructed and attractive Re-Marketing Ads can support higher conversion rates


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