New Apple Wallet Functionality

Mar 16, 2023 | Latest News

At In1 Solutions, we work hard to keep up with the punches and create future-proof products. We analyse trends in buyer habits to keep abreast of developments in the technology sphere. In response to changing consumer demands, preferences, mobile use, and desire for convenience, we’re delighted to announce new functionality for our clients’ In1 / Savvy gift voucher engine.

Now, when a customer purchases a gift voucher via your property’s bespoke engine, they have the option to download the voucher details to their Apple Wallet.

They will see the icon featured below on the voucher confirmation page, inviting them to add their virtual gift card to their mobile device, if they so wish.

Not only does the mod prioritise convenience, it also champions sustainability by reducing reliance on printed gift card codes.

Watch this space as we’ll also will be bringing Google Wallet functionality to the gift voucher engine in the coming months!

We trust you and your customers will enjoy the new feature.

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