April: This Month’s #ClientSnapshot

Apr 5, 2023 | Latest News

If you follow The Brand Mix and In1 Solutions on LinkedIn, you’ll be well acquainted with our #ClientSpotlight series. Once a week, we promote one of our thousands of exceptional gifting partners and shine a spotlight on their voucher offerings. If you’re not tuned in yet, we’d recommend heading over to LinkedIn now and clicking “Follow”. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even get first dibs on exclusive, hidden offers!

Off the back of our #ClientSpotlights and various client announcements across social media platforms, we’ve decided to create the monthly #ClientSnapshot blog series. Here, we’ll offer a snapshot of clients who recently went live with their voucher solution . This gives readers, not only an opportunity to nab vouchers from impressive new properties, but will also showcase our clever gifting solution to anyone looking to enhance their revenue streams.

As always, should you like to explore installing the In1 gifting solution on your property’s website, simply contact and we’ll be in touch to arrange a meeting. We service everything from hotels to restaurants to retailers to adventure experience providers, and more.

But now, on to the main event! This month, we’re snapshotting BON Hotels, Southern Cross Hotels, Willard InterContinental Washington D.C., and Mercure Dubai Barsha Heights Scroll down to learn more about these stunning, international properties, and browse their voucher experiences.


BON Hotels, South Africa

BON Hotels provides hotels, resorts, and lodges with their renowned management, marketing and administration systems, acclaimed blueprints, and business plans to ensure the properties reach their full potential. Their presence can be felt across South Africa, DRC, Namibia, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana and Ethiopia.

Click here to browse their vouchers.


Southern Cross Hotels, Mauritius

As a true reflection of the stunning Mauritius, Southern Cross Hotels is a hotel group that treasures and leverages diversity. From the landscapes to the experiences, the flavours and people, each property is unique in appearance but alike in their passion to create a memorable, relaxing experience for the guest.

Click to browse vouchers for Solana, Preskil, or Astroea.


Willard InterContinental Washington D.C., United States of America

An iconic hotel, often referred to as the ‘Residence of Presidents,’ Willard has welcomed U.S. presidents, foreign dignitaries, and public figures. It has been the site of many historic moments in U.S. history for over 200 years. This gorgeous property offers gift cards for unforgettable overnight stays and decadent dining. What better way to experience the U.S. capital?

Click here to browse their vouchers.


Mercure Dubai Barsha Heights Barsha Heights, United Arab Emirates

Mercure Dubai Hotel offers a unique hospitality experience for business & leisure travellers. Close proximity to Mall of the Emirates, Palm Jumeriah and major tourist attractions. An elegant hotel with 1015 suites and apartments spread over 41 floors. Each contemporary room features floor to ceiling windows that have exceptional views of the city & skyline.

Click here to browse their vouchers.

Happy shopping, happy gifting, and we’ll see you next month for more client updates!