The Business, Benefits, and Brilliance of Gift Cards (1/2)

Jun 20, 2024 | Latest News

Is your business offering gift cards? Whether you’re entering into the online gifting world for the first time or searching for a new voucher provider, the benefits of the service cannot be overstated.

Customers crave convenience. With an ever-growing reliance on Smart Phones and a strong preference for online shopping, adding In1 Solutions’ gift cards to your catalogue ensures phenomenal results for your hotel, outlet, restaurant, or adventure centre. Let’s discuss some key benefits.

(Even when attempting to keep our list as brief and digestible as possible, there are simply too many positives to contain in one post! Stay tuned for part two.)


Growth in revenue, sales, and cashflow.
If your business offers gift cards alongside your usual stock or experiences, a little bit of promotion all but guarantees a huge increase in sales. Not only will this positively impact your bottom-line, but also your business’ day-to-day cashflow. Our gifting solution is engineered to be of the highest quality, while also prioritising affordability for our clients. This boost in your business’ financial flexibility will prove massively helpful, particularly during costly times of year.


Bank the breakage.
Speaking of cashflow, your business is certain to bank a significant amount of breakage from voucher purchases, also known as, “windfall”. Customers occasionally purchase a gift card for themselves or a loved one, only to spend a percentage of its value before leaving it in a drawer. Let’s say, for example, a customer redeems €90 of a voucher worth €100. That remaining €10 is your business’ to keep and reinvest as you wish!


Profit soars above and beyond.
For every customer who doesn’t redeem a gift card in full, there is an even greater number of guests who spend over and above the allocated value of their voucher. In fact, once a customer arrive on site, they spend, on average, between 30% and 60% more than the original value of their gift card.


Reach new customers, increase footfall, and boost brand awareness.
There are countless ways in which offering gift cards expands your customer base, increases footfall, and grows your brand. For example, perhaps an existing customer purchases a gift card for an uninitiated loved one. Or maybe someone receives a voucher offering “Dinner for Two” and their plus one may be visiting your establishment for the first time. In both instances, you’re reaching a brand new audience. Should these fresh faces have a positive experience, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t return!


Tracking, reporting, and marketing insights.
In1 Solutions gift vouchers can be tracked to monitor spending habits, redemption rates, product popularity, key customer demographics, and more! Our Voucher Management Console offers detailed, automated reports, which you may opt to receive on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. All of this information combined works wonders for your Marketing Department, helping your team target the most curious customers and motivated buyers.


Digital and physical options to accommodate everyone.
While the majority of us favour the convenience of digital gift cards, there’s still a percentage of the population that, when given the option, would choose physical vouchers. At In1 Solutions, we accommodate everyone’s preference! Our gift cards can be instantly added to your Apple or Google Wallet, championing convenience and waste reduction. And for those who prefer traditional, tangible options, customers may opt to send recyclable gift cards directly to the lucky recipient’s door!


Sensational seasonal sales.
When properly promoted throughout the year, gift cards offer unprecedented return on investment. But during popular gifting seasons, such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas, sales go through the roof. We’ve seen countless clients literally double, triple, and quadruple their ROI at peak times. All you need is a catalogue of tempting gift cards and some clever marketing to get the word out.


Feeling inspired? We’re not even halfway there. There’s so much more to come! Stay tuned for part two. As always, if you are already an In1 Solutions voucher client, please do not hesitate to reach out to us for a free online marketing consultation. Alternatively, if you’re on the hunt for a new gifting solution, email us on and we’ll be in touch within one business day to set up a meeting. Happy gifting!