Digital Trends to Keep in Mind for 2019

Nov 1, 2018 | Latest News

The Digital Marketing industry is constantly evolving. And at a remarkable speed. Innovations appear on a regular basis and quickly become key drivers in the industry. Planning your marketing strategy for 2019 and beyond? Here are a few digital trends to consider:

Authenticity and transparency: Brands that embrace these traits will watch in astonishment as their customers actively become ambassadors for their brand. Those that recognise the unique and beneficial qualities tied to your brand name will happily and independently endorse your product amongst friends and family.


Voice Search is on the rise: Over 20% of queries on Google are posed via modern voice recognition tools, such as Siri, Alexa, and OK Google. By 2020, this number is expected to rise to approximately 50%. When composing copy and considering keywords, it is now crucial to implement naturalistic turns of phrase and long-tail keywords.


Visual Search and the importance of image optimisation: This is a user-friendly, evolving technology that will open opportunities to market your product. Catch their eye, attract their attention, and make the sale.


Chatbots and online purchasing: We are seeing a considerable shift towards chatbots for simple, everyday e-commerce transactions. Chatting is an engaging, casual, and familiar mode of communication, thus Chatbots allow your product to target users more efficiently.


Native advertising: With a rise in the use of Ad Blockers and constant changes to the way people search, brands must enhance their content marketing and influencer marketing strategies. Tell the story of your brand openly to drive engagement.


Never underestimate the power of video content: Studies expect videos to account for over 80% of Internet searches in the coming year. Video advertisement is on the rise, particularly across social media platforms.


Customer-centric marketing: Utilise rich data and analytics to develop a customer-centric approach to marketing. Be privy to the needs and wants of your target market, then deliver to effectively boost conversions.