• Google Travel – Where next?

    Lorna McNamara, Marketing Director

    Google have been increasing their presence in the travel market with the launch of Google Hotel Finder and Google Flight Search during 2012. Recently changes in the search display, with an emphasis on paid search have been implemented, in particular supporting the large buyers such as the OTA’s, means that the whole online search area for the travel industry is becoming increasingly focused on the big players and Google themselves.

    The impact of Google travel products to date has not been as big as initially expected. However, Google clearly have their sights on the travel industry and have planned to implement several enhancements to Google Maps to support their strategy.

    Google Maps attracts millions of visitors each month. By incorporating Google Hotel Finder and other travel options, this will enable it to become a significant travel portal.

    Currently there is still a conflict of interest between a hotel paying for Google Adwords to promote their property online, then having to compete with a Google sponsored option that favours the OTA’s. However, with Google’s focus on the travel industry and other big players such as Tripadvisor who have a huge presence in the hotel search market, the main outcome will be an increase in overall competitiveness and cost of delivering bookings online.

    Monday, July 15, 2013