The Gravitational Pull of Influencers

Aug 30, 2021 | Latest News

Over the last few years, across Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and YouTube, there’s been a steady rise in the number of influencers sharing their opinions and creating engaging content.

What’s an influencer, you ask? For the uninitiated, “influencers” are essentially social media stars. They share their lives online and often garner a loyal and passionate fanbase. Particularly amongst younger demographics, such as teenagers and those in their early to mid-twenties.

Due to the relatable nature of their content (often filmed in their bedrooms, sharing personal anecdotes), followers form something of a parasocial relationship with their favourite influencers, feeling as though they know them more than they’d know an A-list celebrity, for example. Often, the audience trusts the influencer’s advice and personal judgement as their humble beginnings may not have been dissimilar to their own.

Recognising this, some properties and businesses have collaborated with influencers to gain promotion on their carefully curated social platforms. One post on their personal Instagram could attract thousands, if not millions of clicks.

Not only that, but their opinion is very much valued and trusted by their fanbase. If an influencer recommends a product, an experience, or indeed, a hotel, their followers will often follow their lead and seek out the product or service themselves.

All that being said, is teaming up with an influencer worth it? Most certainly, if the price is right! Particularly if your hotel or experience is orientated towards young customers with a penchant for social media.