B2B: Let’s Talk Templates

May 16, 2023 | Latest News

We all know gift vouchers are an excellent choice for any and all occasions. Buyers will often select packages they know will appeal to loved ones, such as an overnight stay, afternoon tea, or spa escape.

Not only do these gifts demonstrate how well the purchaser knows the recipient’s taste, it also offers them freedom. The recipient can redeem their gift in exchange for an unforgettable experience whenever is most convenient for their schedule. In South Africa, gift vouchers are valid for three years from date of purchase. In Ireland, that number steps up to five years. So much time, so much choice.

But what happens when a buyer wants to offer the gift card recipient even more freedom? Often, they’ll opt for the all-encompassing cash voucher.

A cash voucher can be redeemed across a single or group of properties for whatever experience the lucky recipient prefers. From whiskey tastings to overnight stays to afternoon tea to three-course meals to spa treatments to dance classes. It all depends on what the property in question offers and how it aligns with their heart’s desire!

Say, you’d like to combine the personalised element of the experience voucher with the boundless freedom of the cash voucher. That’s where voucher templates come in.

Create a multitude of appealing cash vouchers, themed to important moments in customer’s lives. From “Happy Birthday” vouchers to “Thank You” tokens to “Happy Anniversary” gift cards, these cash vouchers have relevance year round, are easy to install, and add a personalised element to every purchase.

Check out our clever gift card template examples by clicking here.

A small change can make a big difference to your revenue stream.

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