New Approach to “New Year, New You”

Jan 5, 2022 | Latest News

New, new, new, new. Soon, you’ll read the word so many times, it’ll stop making sense! So long as there’s one big take away: Keep evolving and moving forward with the times. 

The expression “New Year, New You” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it anymore. Sure, a lot of people will work hard on themselves or be eager to hit the gym after an indulgent festive season, but for Millennials and Gen Z, it often comes down to practicing self-love and preserving what exists outside of oneself. 

Members of these younger generations can gravitate towards meditation and sustainability, often to ease eco-anxiety. They make a conscious effort to give back to the planet in the New Year by taking part in ‘Vegan-uary’ (refraining from the consumption of any animal bi-products) or ‘Veggie January’ (refraining from the consumption of meat). Make them feel seen and appreciated for their efforts by offering healthy vegan and vegetarian dishes at your restaurant.  

Avoid being wasteful by engaging in digital, rather than paper, communications and advertise your pledge to match their sustainability. Your sincerity will be equally appreciated, and word will spread. 

Rather than advertise gym memberships, why not offer vouchers for gym/spa hybrid experiences? Encourage your guests to nurture both their body and mind. It’s been a stressful couple of years with plenty of ups and downs. It’s important to stay active but also to wind down. Particularly when it comes to beating the January Blues. 

Following increased spending over the festive period, funds may be tight. Fold these strategies into your January Sales and start 2022 strong! Remind your guests that they need not create a “new” version of themselves. They can simply build upon their existing, strong foundations. 

The same can be said for your New Year advertising campaigns.