• Recommendation for Hotels to use Integrated Technology

    Lorna McNamara, Marketing Director

    A recent Cornell study in the US urged hotels to strategically integrate technology – Cornell Technology Integration Review. The report highlights how, although hotels are making use of industry developments in IT and technology, there has been no significant implementation of strategic integrated solutions that would yield results with regard to greater efficiencies and effectiveness of both resources and revenue.

    In1 Solutions has developed a number of integrated solutions which, when implemented by hotels have delivered significant results.  They include integrations to support effective online distribution of rates and availability through our Channel and GDS integrated offerings and also effective management of bookings, availability, reporting etc with our integrated PMS offering. When they are combined in out “All In1” Solution it provides significant improvements in the management and growth of revenue online. In addition to providing integrated solutions for individual hotels and groups, In1 also provide integrated technology solutions combined with online marketing for a number of partners, including Sulcus Solutions in Spain.

    For more information on our Integrated Technology Solutions call us on T: +353 1 870 6350 or E: support@in1solutions.com.

    Friday, April 19, 2013