Get Ready for Q3: Summer’s Coming in Hot

Jun 26, 2024 | Latest News

July is coming in hot! So, don’t get left out in the cold. Here are four simple steps to get ahead before Q3 is in full swing:


Optimise your website.
Now is the optimum time to update your web design, improve load times, and focus on mobile optimisation. Is your site as user-friendly and engaging as possible? Are the images and information up-to-date? Are calls to action clear? A clean, intuitive, and easy-to-navigate website is a surefire way to convert visitors to customers. Looking for a fresh look for the new season? Our skilled Design Team are on hand to bring your vision to life. Simply contact us for a complimentary mock-up.


Invest time in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
Get ahead with SEO by championing your locality. Ensure your Google Business Profile is claimed and up to date. Double check your property’s name, address, and contact details, while including Google Maps coordinates. That way, you’ll appear in search results for your area. Pay close attention to keywords. Ensure your website features plenty of relevant search terms so potential customers can easily find you. These can be incorporated in an organic way by appearing in page titles, headings, and image names. Content marketing will also give your business a boost. Create high-quality content that encapsulates the interests of your target audience. Write blog posts about attractions and upcoming events in the area (or at your property!).


Prioritise online reputation management.
Take the time to monitor reviews on platforms like Google and Tripadvisor. Respond to any outstanding submissions made by customers. Highlight the elements they really enjoyed while taking their suggestions on board. We recommend sending a post-arrival or post-voucher redemption email to encourage customers to share their experiences. This helps keep reviews fresh and flowing. Remember, hundreds of potential customers are likely to rely on reviews when shopping around for the best experience.


Reimagine your social media and email marketing.
Hit the refresh button! Don’t be afraid to produce some new and exciting content across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok. Post a collection of high-quality images and videos that showcase your property’s amenities and nearby attractions. Use email marketing to highlight new voucher experiences and irresistible offers for Q3, as well as exclusive deals for subscribers. Pre- and post-arrival emails are useful during summer to reinforce vouchers as the perfect gift or to promote add-on services for upcoming stays.


Feeling inspired? Looking for more ideas? Contact us to book a free, one-on-one consultation with a member of our Sales Team. Simply email and we’ll get back to you within one business day.