Digital Marketing Checklist for Seasonal Campaigns

Sep 19, 2019 | Latest News


Regardless of the late summer feel to the weather at the moment, the nights are getting longer and early mornings are crisp. A timely reminder that the season is well underway. And so too should be the to-do-list for Autumn and Winter! For those who have yet to kick start the new season, it’s not too late. Below are some key events to focus on:

Black Friday / Cyber Monday: Black Friday is on the 29th of November. Many predict  Black Friday “creep”, with promotions for the event starting as early as mid-October. With so much noise around those dates, it can be difficult to stand out. Be creative with your offering and how you promote it, with continuity of messages across all media. Be clear. Be concise. Be engaging. But remember to stay true to your brand.

Mid-Term Breaks: It feels like they’re just back to school, but mid-term breaks are already around the corner. Ensure you have family packages on offer, supported by dedicated landing pages for fun things to do in your property! Promote them across all channels and media with strong imagery and calls to action. Having a dedicated seasonal packages page for families, that included October and February Mid-Term Offerings, Bank Holiday Deals, and Summer 2020 offerings, will allow you to market well in advance and capture early bookers with incentivised promotions.

Christmas & New Year: Offers for this important seasonal event seem to start earlier each year, with many kick-starting their campaigns in August. However, it is not too late to get all your collateral in place and start promoting. From Christmas parties, to Christmas shopping breaks, to Christmas vouchers, dedicated landing pages, custom ezines, PPC, and social campaigns work wonders.

Whatever the seasonal event, there are marketing fundamentals to ensure you get the most from each campaign. Integrated marketing or a holistic approach will ensure key channels are reached.  Continuity of message across all platforms will reinforce the offering. Be clear, avoid creating confusion as this will lead to missed opportunities for you brand. Stay true to your company philosophies. Strive to create a compelling story. Be creative and engaging. Then, track engagement and measure performance so you can learn from each campaign!

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