SEO Tips for 2019

Oct 8, 2018 | Latest News

Regular changes to algorithms mean that SEO is an evolving science, requiring us to keep abreast of changes to ensure we get the most from organic searches. Some of the elements that will drive an effective SEO strategy for 2019 include:

Plan ahead with pre-emptive SEO to gain traction and higher rankings well in advance of a particular event or seasonal campaigns.


Utilise tools such as Google+ as it  indexes your content almost immediately, helping you improve SEO quickly. Don’t forget to utilise Google Business for local SEO.


Optimise for Voice Search and Visual Search: Over 20% of queries on Google are spoken. By 2020 this could rise to almost 50% of all searches. This highlights the importance of natural language and long-tail keywords. Visual search underlines the importance of image optimisation; an evolving technology that is user focused and opens up opportunities for marketing your product.


Quality content that is user-focused and targeted. Adding niche content will enhance your SEO as well as providing a richer experience for visitors to your site. Having relevant content gives visitors a reason to stay on your site longer and interact more, thus improving your SEO performance.


Faster is still better: Google takes into consideration the overall speed of the site for rankings. You should ensure that your site performs optimally by having a good hosting package, checking that images are correctly compressed, and videos are properly embedded. When pages load faster, people tend to stay on sites longer and conversion rates tend to be better. Google knows this and ranks faster loading pages higher.


Analytics matter: Some of the key indicators that you use to monitor site performance are also used as ranking indicators for Google. Sessions, click thru rate, repeat visitors, links, average session duration – these factors monitor how well a site is performing and how engaged users are on your site. The results of these metrics can influence your SEO performance.


Let Advocacy tell your story: Utilise the power of brand and photo advocacy to drive social shares and increase brand awareness. Something special happens when travellers discover your hotel through real experiences shared by friends and family. Reach, inspire, and convert an entirely new global audience every day with brand and photo advocacy tools. Not only does it increase brand awareness, but supports SEO with social sharing, linking, and brand mentions.